Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer: Out and About

I have been busy. Here are a few photos of my journeys. This  house is the Flavel museum in Astoria, where my daughter and I visited on our 2 day, one night trip in late June.  I will post more photos of the inside, if you are interested.

Pacific Ocean at sunset, Fort Stevens State Park. Daughter on the beach, signaling where she was.  She'd run down to the beach once car was stopped b4 beautiful sunset set disappeared. But it stayed awhile which was nice. I took alot of photos.  Structure to the left in photo is the remainder of Peter Iredale ship that wrecked on the beach in the late 1800s.  More of those photos as well, stay tuned!

Patriot Guard Honor Guard (missing man formation) for my friend, Marge, 7/20/12.  I was asked by the PGR ride captain if I wanted to ride on a motorcycle in the honor guard, since Marge was my friend. I hesitated then decided to go for it as it was an honor to know her and thank her for her service to our country, one last time. Marge was a WWII Coast Guard Spar.

Bob the motorcycle friend and me in formation, waiting word to leave. The family vehicles were behind us.It was a nice day. Clouds looked like rain but it didn't appear.

Saturday 7/21/12 my hubby and I were at the Canterbury Renaissance Faire, near Silverton. We had a good time. We requested a photo with the queen and she granted our request. Here we are with her and some of her court. We wanted to do something fun since this Oct. we will celebrate 35 years of marriage and we were married in England. Canterbury wasn't that far from us.

I rode a horse after the jousting tournament. I rode a horse growing up but it's been years. This photo was taken after my ride. Black knight on the right, helped me onto the horse and walked by my side while a young woman led the horse. He'd given me a longer sword (wooden) than the children got.  When we got close to the pole that had the ring on it, he told me I was to get the ring. The horse was still walking (not running) and I got it. Notice it at the bottom of the sword.  The blue knight was there when I was dismounting and helped as well. I had Phil take a photo. A good memory to bring home with me!  Ride was $5 and all the money donated was to care for the horses on the farm. All the horses that were used that day were rescued horses.  They were so beautiful. 
 It's been a fun filled few days. But then again a bit stressful.  The capacitor from our heat pump went out on us Friday. We weren't able to get a replacement on Sat. Wait til Monday a.m. and hubby to get one in town, hopefully and put it in before he goes to work.  It was 85 degrees yesterday in the house late evening. It got cool enough to open windows and that helped alot. We were warm from being outdoors. Good sleep though as I was tired!  Glad it's cloudy today with a bit of breeze.    Two weeks ago I had to help my daughter out with her car battery 20 min. from here, left work to be with her and used my AAA card. Got a new battery cuz her's was dead!  Last week a crown on a tooth came off, got it reseated the next day, at dentist. 2 days later it came off at work. So annoying. This afternoon I put it back on with some DenTek putty specifically for that, found in the toothpaste section of Bimart. Am hoping it does the trick til Friday when I go to dentist appt.  Life! Just a few annoying things but so much to be thankful for!  Electricity to run fans, screens on our windows, AAA people helpful. God is good!  Have a great week in the Lord and will be back with you soon!
             Grandma Becky


aimee said...

Oh how I love Astoria! It was good to see photos of the Flavel House and Ft Stevens:) Looks like you two had a great time!
TY again for all you do with the Patriot Guard group. I am sorry for the loss of your friend Marge.
I have wanted to go to a Renaissance Faire for awhile; just haven't made one yet! I grew up with stories of Camelot, you know so I like that sort of thing:) LOVE that you got to ride one of their horses-fun!
Have a good week. Hoping that things settle down for you and that your home is soon cooler.

Karen said...

So nice of you to honor your friend by riding the motorcycle. xx

The horse ride looks fun and what a good cause! Your trip to the beach and that beautiful mansion looked fun, too.

Doesn't it seem like things go wrong all in a row? Glad you are having cooler weather and getting to the dentist soon. We are still cool and cloudy here in WA, but the forecast is for some sun later in the week. We are sun-starved here! Enjoy your week as best as you can. Looking forward to more photos of your trip. xx

Rhe Christine said...

new follower. what an awesome experience for you to be able to ride in the honor guard like that. a wonderful way to honor your friend