Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Summer Saturday

 The last Saturday of July found us at 2 events. It made for a busy but fun day. Our first outing was at my husband's work picnic. It was held at FLIR where we got to go in and see what actually took place. I've been in there a few times and seen what Phil's worked with. But we also got to see other parts of the place. No photos inside. I'm holding Owen, my grandson. We went to see the news helicopter that flew in to show the unit it held on it's lower surface.  I didn't get a photo of that, which was dumb. Phil did a bit of tour talk inside.

Erin and Justin (he works there as well.)
Megan in front of classic cars in the parking lot.

Granddaughter Melody wearing the helicopter pilot's sunglasses. She wanted to fly the helicopter because she has "butterfly power"! The pilot is standing to the right of Megan.

Megan "surfing".  Then we ate lunch of sub sandwiches, drink, chips, salad.

Next stop, home to change a bit of clothes.Then for the 3 of us, we drove to Silver Falls, out of Silverton, for a wedding reception.  This the couple's wedding cake. Green part is the cake and branches/trunk is made out of rice krispy treats. Bridal couple is made out of clay that you model and bake. 

Josh and Donna, the newlyweds. They were wed at the coast, earlier in the day, with family present.

Bridal Bouquet.

It was nearing time to go so we headed to the car. But Megan wanted to go on a little walk. Phil grimaced, wanting to go home...been gone for hours. But I knew this would happen. The reception had been our first event of day for a month then the picnic came up. Sigh. It wasn't a long walk but enough to get out into the woods a little bit. We didn't get into any poison ivy! Thank goodness.  Foxglove was blooming. There were a variety of colors. I need to put this on my list for my house. I love the insides of these ones.

Beautiful woods! So peaceful!

Don't know this flower but it was interesting. It appears it blooms in different stages.

The parting shot of the trees in this beautiful park. It beacons us to come back and visit again. There are beautiful falls here as well. We didn't have the time for it that day. It's really not far from us. We just need to go there again.  Thus ended another busy day in our lives.  Summer has been full this year and I'm hoping fall will usher in a few less crazy busy weekends.     Til next time~~Grandma Becky


aimee said...

Owen + Melody are SO cute..."butterfly power"; love that:)
It has been years since I was up at Silver Falls State Park--there used to be (probably still is) a Christian retreat near there that we used to go to.
Beautiful wildflowers--I never get tired of them.

Karen said...

What a fun and interesting day! Your family is precious and the work picnic looked like a lot of fun. So nice to see where hubby works and see all that goes on.

Love the photos of the country wedding with the sweet young couple. Such a creative cake and pretty bouquet. Your woodland walk was beautiful. I noticed the nesting box in the trees and the flower that you don't know the name of is called 'Self Heal' and is a medicinal herb used for poultices and salves for healing skin problems and bug bites. (I am learning about herbs and have this growing here, too)

Thank you for your sweet comments and I want you to know you are welcome any time you want to visit this 'neck of the woods'!

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks, Karen for the name of the flower. My girlfriend whose a florist, didn't know name either! Aimee, I've been to the Christian renewal center a few times for our church women's retreat. Will be going there in a few weeks. It is a wonderful get away for sure!

Camille said...

How fun you got to have those special times with your grandchildren Becky! What a blessing! I'm glad Phil gave in for the walk through the woods. :)


Grandma Becky said...

Camille, I think I would have gone on the walk with Megan and let Phil just sit in the car if he really didn't want to go. But I warned him earlier that I knew that would happen.....um, sorry man! :0) Thanks for commenting!