Monday, September 17, 2012

Catching My Breath!!

I've been out and about these past few weeks. So many photos, fun times with friends, work, sleep, you know the drill.  These photos are from the retreat I went on with my church group. I thought sharing some forest fotos would be nice, since it gives a sense of rest, peace and coolness. I've found too many places to be lately and I want to just slow down a little.  How about you?   The first foto is one that I took on my way to breakfast on Sat. The sun was shining through the trees and onto the bridge of a little stream. At the end of the bridge is the rotunda where our sessions were held. You turn right and it takes you to dining hall and the parking area.  It was so pretty in the morning that I had to click a pic! 

Afternoon shot of a different spot of trees.

The four Rebeccas that attended. At one time some years past, there were 10 or 12 Rebeccas. It's fun to get a group shot when we can.   Do you go to church or school with many that have the same name as you? 
As I write this, I'm on my recliner, resting my feet besides my body.  I'm tired from work and tired from yesterday, still.  But it's a good tired. I am thankful I still have the stamina to go out and do things with my hubby.  We went to the Oktoberfest for the first time. Really. We had a good time and listened to different music, watched dancer, ate delicious food.  I can't believe all I've done this summer.  Going to the beach with daughter; watching the grandchildren; taking photos of my nephew and his girlfriend for their senior photos and visiting my sister; women's retreat; painting the remaining wall in my dining room finally; picnics and BBQ....oh my.  Never a dull moment!   I'm trying to curtail my blogland visits. I've been staying there too many hours which means I don't get things done at home like I should. My girlfriend and I are starting up our Bible study this fall by going through a Beth Moore book "Living Beyond Yourself." It takes more time than our usual study but looking forward to it. Also am trying to learn some Spanish along the way to get myself ready for a mission trip to Nicaragua I'm planning on/hoping/praying will happen next year. To go with my church group.  So many things to little know the drill.

       Christmas is coming and I have some projects to do. Next month we celebrate our anniversary so we'll be gone a couple days for some R&R together.  Where am I going with all this? I have realized there are some priorities in my life I've neglected. It's easy to get all splintered, going different ways and not accomplishing much. I'm sure many of you, my friends, feel the same way. So I am working on keeping life in perspective, doing what I really need to do and study my Bible and keep up with housework while working 4 days a week and still being sane and happy.  How do we do it all? One step at a time. Focus on God and what redirection of my life need changed....every piece that I've been considering. Not major changes but tweaking what things I want done and do it.
I will still be here. Trying to get back on track with my photos and blogging a couple times a week. Less cyberspace reading. I can just get lost in there reading blog posts and "hey, that looks like a great blog too, let's check that one out" and off I go. Am I the only one guilty of that?
Sigh! Ok, that's it my friends, for this time around. Hope most of this makes sense. Just some randomness in my thinking .....again!  Thanks for coming by and leave me a comment, which I so enjoy reading. And the you like them? click on them? or should they go?
 God bless!  Til next time......Grandma Becky


aimee said...

Good morn Becky!
LOVE your first photo--it is amazing!Now,I am wanting to take a trip up into the forest again:)
I understand your feelings about blog surfing--it can eat up a lot of time and, though I LOVE seeing them, I end up not feeling so well because I fall behind in my chores. I will probably start limiting my Internet to set times...
Could not find your post on Brownsville today--was going to link directly to it, but instead did a link to your blog. I finally made it there and LOVED it--especially the museum!
Regarding the ads: I don't really click on them but don't mind them either and if it helps you at all, I am for them.
Now time to work...

Grandma Becky said...

The ads are there for people to read and by clicking on them, especially if you're interested in one, the clicks to generate a bit of income. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Aimee!

Karen said...

Yes, Dear Becky, I feel the pull.....ha ha! It is easy to get lost in cyberspace! Summer is always such a busy time and we can feel like we are stretched too thin sometimes. We tend to do more because we want to be out and about enjoying the fine weather. Once the rains start, we will find more time. Your photos are beautiful and your retreat looks lovely. Rebecca is such a beautiful name, I can see why it is a popular one! My name is not so common these days, but lots of ladies 'of a certain age' have my name. A product of the '50's'. I do hope you get to slow down somewhat and relax and enjoy some simple pleasures. xx

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I love your photos! It's so important to take some time and enjoy the outdoors.