Thursday, September 27, 2012

Menu Surprise!

A few weeks ago I'd asked my daughter to make dinner for me. She'd been reading her college text book out in the living room. She'd also had the cookbook that had the recipe for dinner on coffee table.  Later she told me that instead of opening up the $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook and turning to page 176, she picked up her Justice Administration text book.  The text book menu would have been litigation with a side of plea bargaining, threat assessment for veggies. I had to remind her, jokingly, of the laws of the kitchen!Good thing she made the Ham and Swiss Roll-ups and peas and carrots or she'd been going to the holding cell shortly!   :0/

1 comment:

Karen said...

Ha ha! I think I have made a few meals that would call for plea bargaining to eat! You must be a proud Mama to have such a smart little 'cookie'. xx