Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rescue ME!!

I'm playing "catch up" so please bear with me. I have lots of photos/stories to share with you all.  I went back to July where my daughter summoned me for help. I was at work and she'd gone down to get some items in Keizer. When she came out of the store, her car wouldn't start. Oh dear. It worked many other times. But today, it literally died. A call to a tire center we like, who also helps with batteries, wasn't able to come for about 2 hours or at all. Sigh! What's a girl to do? No help. Call Mom at work. That's ok. Took a bit of time off.  I have AAA so I went down to see what I could do. Dad works further away. I had jumper cables. wouldn't start. So AAA to the rescue. He was there shortly.

Help arrived! He brought out his battery tester. Oh dear! The battery is truly dead!

What's the option? Yes we will get a new battery! AAA man has the battery with him and he installs it. Hurrah! Thankful that he could do it since PT cruisers are a pain to work on. He had to remove a couple things to get to it. But he did it, in the high 90 degree heat.  $100 later, for the battery, we were on the road again. Me back to work and daughter happy. Yes, she owes me the money but that's what I'm there for. I know, even adult children need help from time to time. I felt better being down there, moral support and a bit of security.  Maybe save up for AAA herself? My children usually pay me back when they need something.  We aren't the type that let them completely sponge off of us.

Last but not least, when the day goes crazy, sometimes you just need some chocolate! And prayer as well!

        Til next time.....Grandma Becky


Karen said...

So good of you to be there for your damsel in distress! One of the benefits of living close to family. Good to have the road service, too. It's nice that your daughter can call you, it's a crazy world out there! Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather! xx

Linda said...

Glad Mom...and AAA could come to the rescue! Our adult kids need help from time to time too. (:>)

Oh got a little break from work...and the assurance that all was well with your girl! (:>)

Someday she may be rescuing her own kiddos...and the cycle continues on! (:>)

I hope you wil have a very good week Grandma Becky!

Love, Linda

Camille said...

Yes, our children will always need us! :) It's a picture of us and the LORD as our Heavenly Father...HE is always caring for us...what a blessing! I'm sure your daughter was so thankful for you that day!! And, yaaay for AAA! :)

Blessings to you!