Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebrating 35 Years

In the last century, a love story began when a man loved a woman enough to marry her 35 years ago today!  This is our story with photos that I scanned from my Creative Memories wedding album. I remade our wedding album since the colors were fading from photos. There wasn't acid free paper back then. So enjoy the story as it unfolds in the photos.

Phil and I were serving with the U.S Air Force in England in 1976 when we met on Christmas eve at a party, I'd been invited by a Colonel and his wife to their home after the chapel's candlelight Christmas eve service. I'd met them on a ride they gave me to the other base, when I been on base for a week. Couldn't take the commuter bus since it was the last one and full. Oh dear. (Where we were, there were twin bases, RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. They were separated by a forest. They have been closed since the mid 1980s, if I remember correctly.) But I waited at the gate and someone offered me a ride. Long story short...Phil was asked by a friend of his, who was also going to the Colonel's house afterwards, to come to join them. We got to talking, laughed over a cheese ball and then we started seeing each other. Both of us went to chapel on Sundays. We worked with the youth group, after the chaplain asked us to. Needed some young people to help them. That was another thing we did together, since both of us were Christians.   So, in July 77 we were engaged and in 8 Oct 77 we were wed.

Debra and Norman were at our evening wedding as well. My dear Debra came for our 25th wedding anniversary 10 years ago.  That was so fun. We enjoyed being together again. A couple years ago, in early Dec. she died. That was so sad. She lived in Florida with her husband (they had been both AF as well.) I miss our long distance relationship. But thankful for the promise of heaven. We've not been in contact with Norman since we left England. 

Our Chapel Wedding. So many years ago. I remember that evening. I got to the front of the church and met Phil. He said "New dress?"  If you look closely to Phil's left, it looks like the candle is in his shoulder/sleeve~we know it's a shadow but when we first saw it, we laughed! He's a ghost! HA!  Nope, he's real and has not disappeared on me. One bit. We had a wonderful time at our wedding. 60 people from the chapel, friends and our work squadrons came.  We were both enlisted.  A good friend of Phil's came from PA for the wedding. We didn't even know Terry was coming. The only reason he got on the base was he had the wedding invitation and the MP, Alan, was a friend of ours.  Phil didn't see Terry until after we turned around and were walking down the aisle!   A friend of Phil's did the photography and he gave us the film and we got it developed. My dress  was L100 ($218 American). Phil rented his tux. He had to go to a different store than Norman since Phil was taller. Most British men are shorter than Phil.   A lady we knew from the chapel made our wedding cake for our gift. She sat in the back of the mini, holding the cake, whilst her husband drove down the narrow roads. It made it unscathed.  Our families couldn't come but we knew they supported us and were praying for us. It wasn't financially feasible to come back to the states. Since we were from separate states it would have even been more of an issue....but we were married where our friends were. That was special. 

After spending our wedding night in a motel, where we paid L13 ($23--American), we went back to the chapel to pick up Phil's car after he inflated his tire and pick up his wallet. He had to go back to the motel to pay them. He was to get his wallet before we left but because he'd gotten his tire flatten by someone, on purpose, his wallet was still in the glove box. Sigh. My car got crisco on the windows and inside there was popcorn in the vents. silly me left my keys unguarded!  We did get to be on the rocky beach for a little while before we came back.  I waited for Phil to come to our flat (apartment) so he could carry me over the threshold.  I actually went to a friend of his, for a bit, since Terry was staying with Mike.  Afterwards, which is the day after the wedding, Terry helped wash my car.  We didn't leave for London for a couple days for our honeymoon.  So we got to enjoy Terry for a day or two, which was nice.  We travelled by train from Ipswich to London. Whilst in London, we had an old tyme photo taken of us...our other wedding photo.    We visited Buckingham Palace, but didn't see the queen. I wore my white hooded wool coat Phil gave me as a wedding gift. I still have it. Still have my wedding dress, but I'm saving that for another post.  We went into Harrods but didn't buy much...a poster that you could color in. It was the least  expensive thing we could find.  We also got separated. We running to catch the "tube" as it's called for the next station. Phil ran down the steps to the tube and got on and I wasn't quite fast enough. The doors shut on the tube. I had the most sinking feeling ever felt!  We looked at each other and he held up one finger and mouthed "I'll meet you at the next stop." I thought that next tube would never come! But it did! I got on and then got off at the next stop and there was my beloved husband. Sigh!       We've had some pretty good years mixed with growing pains, and health issues and job losses. But there has been joy as well, births of our 2 children, fun times together, travel, going to church and working for the Lord, in the church and through our daily lives. Growing older together, enjoying our grandchildren. It's been a good story. There are more chapters to live through. More love to share. 
Til next time....Grandma Becky


aimee said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Loved your wedding album:)The first photos reminded me of the Gunne Sax dresses I adored at that time (in fact, I believe my 'going away' dress was one).
Sorry about the loss of your friend Debra--always hard but, as you point out, you will be reunited someday in heaven.
May God bless and be with you both today and always,

Karen said...

Lovely story, Becky and you were a sweet and lovely bride. Congratulations on your anniversary - a wonderful milestone in this day and age! So many happy memories and my wish for you is many, many more! Thanks for sharing your sweet story of how you met and married. xx

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary, Becky and Phil!!! What a precious story!!!! It's so fun to hear your story and how you met and the wonderful pictures!!! May the Lord bless you and Phil in every way! Hugs

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, I'm so glad I didn't miss this post. I loved reading about how you met and got married. Happy anniversary to you both! May you easily have 35 more years :)

jaquelyn {the sweetest petunia} said...

aw, this is so special! congratulations on being married & experiencing life together for so long! :)

Janet Coffield said...