Friday, October 5, 2012

Celebrating a Birthday

We just celebrated Mom's 89th birthday. WOW! It is so great to have mom with us, even though she is living in a nursing home. We are thankful for the good care she gets. She enjoys her two roommates. Photo is of my mom and I last Dec. 2011 Christmas party. We had a good time together.

Here's great grandma with her two great grandchildren a few weeks ago. Melody just enjoyed her alot. She gave her hugs and before we left, Melody gave her a hug and then gently rubbed great grandma's arm. So sweet! 
Mama's come a long way from living in Kansas to moving to Oregon, marrying a farmer and being a farmer's wife and a  mother of 5 children. She loved to garden and always had a nice flower bed. She canned alot of vegetables and froze meat that was butchered on the farm. She attended church with her family every Sunday. She loves the Lord. She still enjoys flowers and her family.  She knew what it was to work. Her house was always neat and clean. I could never keep a house that clean.  Those were the days. Now she's in a different phase of her life and we just celebrate what we can these days. Happy Birthday Mama!

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother! It's so nice that she is well taken care of and loved by her family. I love seeing photos of all the generations together. There is something so precious seeing the eldest generation with the youngest. It's sweet beyond words - a moment in time held in your heart. xx