Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cute Alert

Adorable grandchildren with pirate Mickey. I took care of them last Friday and brought them this fun wall hanging to enjoy.
I have been busy, which is normal for me. Downloaded some photos tonight while we were watching Young Frankstein movie, starring Gene Wilder and Teri Garr and Marty Feldman. We watched on DVD this year. I found a copy of it earlier this year. We still have the VHS one though. The movie is funny!. NO outside lights on so no trick or treaters to our door, which is fine by us. There were some trick or treaters that came in to our hardware store, but not as many as usual. I remember a few years ago where the candy was all gone. Today there was half the bowl still there. I guess we'll just all have to eat it tomorrow, or leave it out for customers to take away!
Raining right now, on and off showers through out the day.  Busy weekend ahead. A nature photographer's meeting one day and a church thanksgiving dinner another day. Have to find time tomorrow evening to make a couple loaves of strawberry bread to take to the dinner. It's rather hard to make anything else cuz I'm not gonna be here. It'll just have to do! I have to download photos from our anniversary trip as well. Sigh!  Thanks for staying around and reading and commenting on my blog posts. I appreciate your friendship!
Til next time....Grandma Becky


Karen said...

Cute little grandchildren you have, Becky! We never get trick or treaters here at the end of a dark and spooky dirt road! It is curious that you haven't had as many come to the store as year's past - maybe the little ones are growing up in your area! Strawberry bread sounds good - I hope you steal a slice for yourself! xx

Camille said...

What a lovely header photo you have Becky! And...yes, your grandbabies are adorable. :) Sounds like your weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Enjoy!

Many Blessings,