Monday, October 22, 2012

For What is Worth........

Recently I have added some new plates to my house. I have a few plates that are chipped and are getting a bit worn on the eating portion of plate. I found these plates at World Market on a great sale, if you buy 4! They were made in Portugal. I had my eye on another pattern. But once I got to the store, I found this pattern more to my liking. I even had a young couple give their unbiased opinion.
This is what the plates look like together. I have enjoyed the Mary Engelbriet Afternoon Tea dinnerware. I just need to get some replaced. Right now they are in a china cabinet til probably Thanksgiving.  I can't wait to use them. 

I picked up this ceramic tray at Ross Dress for Less. I use it in my kitchen by the stove. I sadly cracked it when it was on the stove between burners. I was cooking soup and this tray was too close to the pan. But still using it at one end for spoons that we use for stirring. Maybe I can find another one. It's so pretty and is made in Portugal.

This is my first trip to Big Lots in a very long time. Here's my stash of 2 bins, purple for me, blue for daughter. Got some great deals on napkins. I enjoy party napkins. Hard to come by now it seems like. Also like to use foil pans for when I cook meals for people. That way they don't have to worry about bringing it back to me.  Also found some nice photo frames for a project I needed to accomplish. I had a hard time not buying more. I found some food items and lotion that were good deals as well.  Great place to shop if you know the prices elsewhere!

Megan thought is was worthy to take a photo of this that was sitting on the table. Phil was getting these ready for Bible school one Sunday in Sept.  It was about measurement.   and counting/estimating....can't remember the lesson right now since I wasn't there. I was out of town so I didn't help him that time....oh yeah, I was at the women's retreat! 
Our fall weather has come with rain and cooler temperatures. Not too many people are complaining.  It's been so dry lately!  It was about 47 degrees today. BRR! and some rain/wind showers. We drove into a rainstorm over the weekend when we were going up to WA for my nephew's 18th birthday party. Not fun but it was manageable, with wise choice of slowing down a bit when the rain/sleet hit! Not to mention some lightning. So glad we got through it in about 5 minutes. Sigh!  How's the weather where you are at?    Til next time,  Grandma Becky


aimee said...

Love your new plates--they are gorgeous! I have such a weakness for dinnerware...need a new place to put some of them:)
Our weather is cold and wet off and on. I'm thinking a nice woodstove would be great, but not having that maybe flannel sheets and a warm bedspread.
Keep warm and healthy!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I really love the pattern of the plates that you purchased. As a child, I lived in Terceira, Azores, Portugal for 2 years. The patterns of the dishes were so beautiful. My dad bought my mother a dinnerware set before we left. When we got back to the states we saw it in Macy for 3 times what he paid.
And you know what a fan of Big Lots our family is! Isn't like going on a treasure hunt?!