Monday, October 15, 2012

Pintrest DIY Swap Party

I did a DIY Swap through April's blog, Marine Parents blog this fall.  I sent my friend, Danni, from WA, who swapped with me, some of my photography.  Here I show you photos I printed out.  One is in a matted card before I thought of taking before/after photos.

These photos show that I embellished the photos, which I never do. I kinda liked it after I did it. So that's something I might do again. I had to dig through my assortment of stickers to finally settle on something that would work.  The tulip one stands out a bit but it still fit in the frame.
So I sent two 5x7 framed photos that were matted in the card. I buy them through Photographers' Edge catalog. They are great to have.  Also shown is a year at a glance calendar (with photo of Mt Hood) and a lavender wand that I made awhile back.  The photo below shows how I packaged it to send. Good ol' comic pages from the Sunday paper work well for wrapping and thick enough for shipping as well.

I am wearing the hat that Danni crocheted for me. I have worn it a few times already and like it alot. Glad it fits since I found out I have a big head for hats. My hat size is bigger than my husband's hat size! Sigh!                                                                                                      


Jan said...

Looks like a lovey new interest for you.

I did join Pinterest, but have not worked it out yet...LOL.

Always good to find a hat you enjoy wearing, and the right size!

Love, Jan

Karen said...

I really like your photo cards and lavender wand and your hat is very sweet. A nice swap! xx

Danni Meyers said...

Love it! So glad that you like it! I wish I would have taken pics of it before I sent it to you! I totally spaced it!

I just love the pictures, calendar and lavender wand you made for me! Thank you so much!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you fo ryour words of encouragement. Also, great hat!