Saturday, November 24, 2012


I could be out shopping today or cleaning house. But I decided to work on my photos for 6 calendars. Sequestered here with some Christmas music and the sound of washer and dryer running. Sigh! even worse, my favorite college team, OSU Beavers lost in the Civil War game against the UofO Ducks. Sigh!

Figured out what to make for dinner....chili in my new Paula Deen stock pot~yippee!
Had impossible turkey pie last night for dinner and didn't feel like making/eating pizza today. I'm being lazy!  Less work with the chili....dump, stir, cook!

Anyway, calendars are ready to be assembled! I did a different theme for a couple calendars. Rustic...most of the stuff is old and I think it would be fun for a man. Will see how it sells~different sells sometimes!  So it's to make chili and work on calendars and clean the kitchen. Have a good weekend...did you shop retail or on line or stay home? I actually ordered a set of 4 pillows from Groupon, for $35. To my door and no shipping charges!  Almost done with my Christmas shopping. Just a few more things. Then addressing the Christmas cards. I used to do that on Thanksgiving. Not this year...or last. Usually wind up visiting my mom in the nursing home in the afternoon.  I still have 6 more calendars to make for gifts. Will wait til I get more ink next week. Don't want to run my ink so low nobody can use the printer. Glad it is still on the first set of ink I bought since I had my printer. This is the first major printing project I've done this year. Epson Artisan 730. I like it!  Back with you soon!


Karen said...

Sounds like a good way to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet! Still recovering from Thanksgiving! Must be all the Turkey! Hope you had a nice holiday! The calendars sound wonderful! xx

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I think the rustic theme sounds great! Love that pic of the old truck. Sigh on the Beavers loss too :(