Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Poppies

Just the other day I was thinking about some photos I took earlier this year. I'd made some photo calendars and had wondered what other photos I'd taken of flowers. Oh dear, I forgot about the poppies I shot on the way back from the Canterbury Faire we went to in July.  It was so pretty to see that I asked husband if we could stop on the way back to photograph it.  I had to walk across the road and go into the ditch, thankfully no water. I didn't get into the field far because it was on someone's property. Nobody yelled at me nor any dogs running and barking and biting me. Good. I think next year I'll stop at the farm and ask permission to  take closer photos.

I liked this overall photo of the field that's been cut and the poppies and farm behind it. Beautiful indeed!

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aimee said...

How beautiful! I love this:)