Sunday, December 2, 2012

Look and See!

These photos were taken in October when Phil and I were on our anniversary trip in Cottage Grove. There is still beauty in the fall. You just have to look for it.  Phil said the flowers and plants would look nicer in the spring. Yes, but then you get different flowers and stages in the fall.  Enjoy!  Now I'm off to make some cookies and fold laundry and work on Christmas decor....hanging net lights on our rhododendron bush outside, when it's not raining, and maybe get the tree set up? Will see how far we get today! Christmas cards next!  Happy week, my friends!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Beautiful pics! We just got our tree up last night. It is always a production with two kids, and a mamma that has to have a themed tree!

Camille said...

You have been such an encouragement to me over at *my place* recently Becky...thank you so much! I appreciate you and your prayers! You've blessed my heart. :) What a lot has been going on in your home to prepare for Christmas...and right on the heels of Thanksgiving too! In Canada, we have Thanksgiving at the beginning of kind of spreads things out a bit. May the LORD bless you throughout this season of remembering HIM, and in the coming year! Merry Christmas!!