Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Three Twelves


Today is a day that's not gonna happen again, date-wise. Or event wise.
Only in the year 3012 will it happen. So if you were still alive, you would have to have 12 firemen in numerous trucks to come put out the fire that's blazing on top of your birthday cake because there are too many candles!  I will be gone by then, so will my grandchildren and their grandchildren!
So to have some fun on this number day, here's some thoughts on what you can do on this day of 12-12-12!

Sing the 12 days of Christmas 12 times, making 12 people happier than they were or not. (Depending how bad you sing or not! :0 P)

Bake or buy a dozen cookies and give them to a friend or someone who needs some happiness.

Recite the names the 12 disciples.

Buy 3 foot long sandwiches........

Write out 12 reasons why you love somebody. If you are brave, tell that person about your list..your spouse, child, parent, friend.

12 boiled eggs and 12 boiled potatoes and 12 pickles for a potato salad.

12 nuns with 12 rulers that rap on 12 naughty students knuckles! 

Unplug and reconnect 3 devices in your house so that they will all be blinking 12!

Ok, I've run out of 12s...send me one...that's nice!
Have a great day, my friends!


aimee said...

Happy 12-12-12 to you! How about saying 12 prayers for 12 people you know starting at 12:12 PM? Or 12 minutes of exercise?
LOVE your Precious Moments Nativity photo!

Karen said...

Wow! I think you have covered all the 12's! I can't think of one. Cheaper by the Dozen? Today is my Mother in Law's 84th birthday and my nephew just got married on a tropical beach today! Love your 'Precious Moments' blog banner! Did I count 12? Now I have 12 on the brain! xx

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is cute idea :)

Camille said...

Fun post Becky! LOL! I missed the fact that the date was significant until it was too late. :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend! See you in 2013, Lord-willing. :)

Blessings to you!