Saturday, January 5, 2013

Forgotten Posts of 2012

This past year I've taken many photos. I forgot to share some. So in review of 2012 this post is one of two posts (of forgotten posts that should have been.) Therefore they are shortened a bit to not bore you, my reader.   In April, with the help of my friend, we took down my wedding dress that I wore nearly 35 years ago (Oct 2012 was our 35th anniversary). I wanted to see my dress again. So Tamara brought it down. Here I am with the box.

This is the the only part I could really get into, safely!

Out of the box!

The beautiful lace sleeves. This dress was made in England, where we were married.

My cap and veil

The dress!  Many women have had blog posts of trashing their wedding dress. Not me. Why? I know, it hangs around in the closet. Right now, it's in a bag specifically made for dresses and won't harm it. So I can bring it out again!
Fast forward to June, when my daughter and I were in Astoria. This is the second post that should have been. Sorry. This house is one on the hill above where we stayed overnight. Megan wanted to go up the hill and see the houses. This house is/was for sale. Oh I'd love it. Make it into a bed and breakfast and daughter could move there and be my scullery maid! It's a private joke!  Found out it was a MERE million dollars. A beautiful view of the Columbia River!

This is an abandoned house. It belonged to Capt. Flavel's grandson. Sad to see it in this condition. The next week Megan was doing some investigating of the house. The day after we came home, the city went in to see what was really in the house. It had be derelict for some time and no owners came forward. A bulldozer took out all the brush. Amazing what the chief of police, fire and mayor found in the house. Megan really wanted to be the one that opened the refrigerator door.

Beautiful clematis that were by a bed and breakfast.

Saddle mountain, taken on hill where Astor Column was. Beautiful view.

Astoria-Megler bridge across the Columbia River. We were on the Oregon side and it crosses into Washington state. We didn't go across it on this trip. Phil and I did a few years ago on a trip to Long Beach.

Astor column. We didn't go up as it was quite the climb. I did years ago when I was younger with the husband.

In July I did more painting in the dining room. One more wall to paint. But to do so, I had to make a mess.  I took everything out of the china hutch, then moved the cabinet to the other wall. Here is the mess on my table. I put everything back in the cabinet, in no real order since I had to take it out again and move it back.
Moving items including a family Bible. I opened it and there were pressed flowers from years ago. I need to do something with these. They are still good, hardly faded.
Here is the wall painted a bit darker than the other two walls. But it looks nice. Cabinet moved back. I have more photos on the wall now. It's been a process and glad it's over. Now I want to paint a wall in the kitchen but that's going to wait a few months.
That's all there is for this time. Thanks for coming by. I will have the other "forgotten posts" segment soon! I've not forgotten this past Christmas. I am finally feeling better and uploaded photos from memory cards. It's amazing how much better I feel but am still a bit tired.  Today we were out and about with son's family for a little birthday celebration and to an aquarium. Hold me to that, it will be on this blog. Soon! God bless!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I LOVED the pics of the wedding dress. So fun! The Flavel house is amazing too!

Thank you for the calender with the pretty pictures. You are such a sweet lady! You know how to brighten my day :)


aimee said...

Those pressed flowers are gorgeous Becky-what a find!
Do people really trash their wedding gowns? We kept my moms and I still have mine; I would never, ever dream of getting rid of it! LOVE the lace BTW:)
Coxcomb Hill, the Victorian homes-I love Astoria! Have you ever been to the Scandinavian fest there?
Glad you're feeling even better than last time we 'talked' well and regain your strength.
PS: Now you are making me want to drag out my wedding gown.