Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just Some Randomness

It's been a chilly week. No snow, just below freezing temps, frost, fog.  Dressed in another layer at work to stay warm....a nice fleece black vest that I bought in Dec. for just that purpose. Not real warm at home. But I can bundle up in a blanket if I need to. Maybe next week we will get above 40 degrees F.  I had to drive to the dentist in the fog which was in another town not far away. So glad the roads were dry. It was so cold.  On Friday, for dinner I made a big batch of chicken potato vegetable soup. In my Paula Deen stockpot! Now we won't be hungry for awhile. Well there is some for 2 lunches in separate containers. Other will be for later this week. And maybe a lunch for me! I wasn't too sure about buying such a large stock pot since there are 3 of us. But I can use it in the oven. And make bigger batches. The color goes well with my kitchen.  This is a replacement of a smaller one that I can't find anywhere, to my specifications! So this will work. Now I have to find a permanent place for it.  

 Late fall I bought myself an Air Force hat. I was thinking about getting a camo one but decided that since I have a women's AF veteran's patch I'd like to put on the side or back of the hat, this color would be better. I got the camo hat for my husband's birthday, which was a week before Christmas.  I wore this one to work on Veteran's Day, or actually the day after, since I don't work on Sunday.

What is Christmas without homemade fudge?  Leftovers from our work party. Actually I didn't take all of it to work, since there is so much. This has nuts in it. So delicious. I made one batch that didn't use Kraft marshmellow creme and we could notice the difference...we liked the Kraft creme better. Won't substitute it for anything else again. The other one was ok but not what we were used to. But the other people liked it.

Here's best friends Tamara and Becky at Tamara's house for a friend get together. We usually have Bible study once a week together. This  one night was a little Christmas fun together. She and Dave moved into a place of their own just recently. Alot of work but it's been interesting to say the least. Answered prayer for sure though. We get together for Bible study almost every week. For a few weeks, we didn't meet except over the phone. I was sick then she was sick. No cootie sharing allowed! I am feeling better. Now I just need to stay caught up on my sleep!

This morning it was so frosty out as we drove to church. It seemed like the east side of town had more frost on their trees and shrubs than where we live. Sigh! I didn't take my camera, which I guess was a good thing. It's amazing how pretty it is when there's frost on trees. It changes the view and it's a wow factor, especially if you don't see it all the time. I was hoping it would be all froze here at home but not! There is actually sunshine this afternoon. So I pulled out the pansies from the garage. I put them inside last week since it was so cold. Now they can have smiles on their little faces again, right?  I love the beauty of nature and God's got the prize winning display going on. In the fog that makes the frost and then beauty of a sunset, a snowy mountain peak. Rainbows. Stars and the moon in their courses above. Great is His faithfulness, Lord unto me! And you!  Have a great week!


Karen said...

I think we are having the exact same weather here. About 100 miles north, I would say. Love your blog header of Mt. Hood. I lived in Dayton and Newberg for a few years before moving here. 3 of my children were born in Ore. That is one pretty stock pot! I like to cook up big batches, too. I'm so used to cooking for a big family and now it is just me and the Mr. so we always have leftovers. Your soup and fudge sound so good. I like your hat and the photo of you and your 'bestie'. Keep warm! xx

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Those hats look great and the Bebe and I would love some fudge. ;-) I too love the beauty of nature... Something about being in the middle of God's designs makes me feel more connected to him and gives me a sense of peace and overwhelming sense of His love for us.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I love that you have a bible study buddy. I attended a live webinar hosted by Women of Faith this evening. One of the messages was for women to seek out friendships for support. You're so blessed.

Camille said...

Fun to catch up here Becky! Sorry you were sick for awhile...yes, it's been cold and damp here too. Frost is beautiful! And...a HUGE stockpot is a good thing. Enjoy all your leftovers!! :)