Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Birthday and an Aquarium Visit

Our grandson, Owen, turned 2 years old in January 2013. His grandpa and grandma went to celebrate at Burgerville, Owen goes after his cheese burger. He can chow down the food. He eats more than his 4.5 yr. old sister!

Melody with her mom and dad, Erin and Justin.

Balloons seem to capture the heart of children. Sister likes purple.

Birthday boy brother wanted white. He kept saying white all the time we were there!

Owen looking at the Thomas the Tank engine book we got him. Also gave him some clothes. Don't all grandparents do that?  His shirt reads "Birthday Boy".

Owen figures out how to get the engine to go! His Aunt Megan gave this to him. She always winds up finding the toys I wanted to buy before I get them. Sigh!

Afterwards, we took off to meet up at the Portland Aquarium. It's in a renovated steak house. I found it an odd place to have an aquarium. Once inside it was roomy and quite different than I expected. I bought tickets to the aquarium in early Dec. from Groupon.  Phil's birthday is mid Dec. and I thought he'd like to go. I made a black and white copy of my groupon. Then I scalloped the edges with scissors and embellished with stickers. I had to make it pretty for the gift.  We had a good time. But without other family....parking was very crammed when we got there, for one thing. It was amazing I found a spot, since I was driving.  Other reason..not quite sure. But we enjoyed ourselves.  A few of my favorites of aquarium follow.

First tank inside that we saw. You can see it from above and on 3 sides. Clean and fun to watch the fish swimming around.

This was my favorite "polka dot" fish and it has purple on it.  Not sure of it's actual species, beside fish.

Starfish and little fish that were inside a boat!
A hermit crab! I couldn't believe how big he was!  Beautiful colors!

Beautiful starfish. I was amazed at it's design.

Final pool before we left. Definitely a place we will visit again. Why? Because we got a year's membership for Christmas from our son and family! Didn't know that when I bought the first tickets. So one of these days we'll go back. There are additions coming this spring...otters and puffins!  There was a big room with (small) sharks and rays. A tropical room with iguana, gecko, little frogs, snakes, lorakeet cage.Octopus, jelly more....And a place for children to run around in. A gift shop as well. Overall we had a good time even though it was crowded. It's new but quite popular. It was fun to see children looking at all the wonders behind glass.  Definitely closer than the coast. But the coast is a wonderful place as well.


Karen said...

What a sweet little birthday boy! I love the serious expressions! Big Sister is a doll - a precious little family. I love aquariums, but I haven't gone in years! We used to take the kids when they were small with my Mom and Dad, Seattle has a nice one. I love your descriptions, they made me laugh - Polk Dot fish - my favorite, too, although that starfish was really unusual, too. Sounds like you all had a fun time. Love the chubby hand holding the little toy train. xoxo

aimee said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little grandson! That 2 years sure went by fast :-)
I had no idea that Portland has an aquarium...very nice pictures!
Blessings, Aimee

Camille said...

How fun to have had those special times together with your grandchildren...and grown up kids! :) They are both cute little ones...what a blessing to have them so close at hand! Happy Birthday to your little two year old. Thomas is always a hit...and I think it's wonderful that Grandparents buy clothes for the little's helped us greatly over the years!

Blessings to you!