Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forgotten Posts 2012 part 2

This summer I decided to get a few new pieces of dinnerware. My dear Mary Engelbriet plates are starting to lose their colors and some of the insides of plates are going to the enamel. Cost Plus World Market had a sale and so I decided to see what I could find. The plate on the left is what I bought. I have 8 of them now. Still put away but I will use them soon. I can use them both at the same time since the colors are the same. I even asked a young couple their unbiased opinion and they liked the match. So did a manager.

Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel had a nice car show. This is one of my favorites.  Classic cars. Some of the ones we saw were ones we knew in our growing up years. What does that make us? Classics1

The Glockaspiel that chimes every hour. This is Hansel and Gretel. Then it rotates to other figures, which I found quite interesting!

A piece that welcome all people to the Oktoberfest,which is in Sept. It has to do with celebrating harvest.

St. Mary's Catholic Church. So beautiful.

Inside the church where we listened to some beautiful music. I wished we'd stayed there instead of going back down to hear a choral concert. This was much better and it was nice and cool in here.

Tirleon dances. We enjoyed watching them dance.

Another weekend in Sept,I met up with my son and daughter in love and grandchildren for the fiber arts show at fairgrounds. Had planned to go last year but it didn't work out. Melody is petting a rabbit.
Wool skeins, not yet ready to use. These have to be spun. I loved the colors.

A fun display of hats and yarn.

A llama that resembled a giraffe!
Last week of Sept, I went to an alumni event at the college I went to years ago. I went into the library where I spent alot of time to study. Here's a set of books that have been there a long time. It brought back memories.

Here I am by a sign to remember the day!

Stone wall (one of 2) that welcome people to the campus.

The library and classrooms.

A lovely coleus.

The chapel that I visited first. It looked different for some reason. Later that day someone told me it had been reversed. Good, I wasn't losing my memory. Chapel was quite good and so glad I went. It was inspiring.

Banner at the front of the chapel.

Tables set up for lunch after chapel. This is the back of the administration building.

Front of the administration building.

Mailboxes where I used to get my mail at the dorm.

The gym that wasn't there when I was in college. Old residence houses were torn down to make way for this building. There's a fitness center and locker rooms in the basement. I would have liked this. I met Mary that was the nurse on campus when I was there.  We ate lunch together and she was my guide around campus. It was good to see her again! She got me to Trader Joes and over to the soccer games, after getting a bit lost!
Stained glass window above the library, from the inside.
I stayed to watch the soccer games being played.  I didn't know anybody but there was a young lady who played soccer last year and was a recent graduate from NCU, She was quite nice to me and even introduced me to a few people.
Women soccer game. Our team won!
When I went here it was Northwest Christian College and the team's name was the Crusaders.
Men soccer and the other team was winning when I was still there. I decided to leave since I was getting bored. It had been a long day anyway.

Home at last. My day bag. Never know what I will need many miles away.


Karen said...

Hi Becky, It looks like you had some fun times last fall! I have never been to an Oktoberfest, but it is on my list, as they have a nice one here at Leavenworth and I was born in October! The fiber arts fair looks wonderful - love that giraffe colored llama and the photo of your sweet granddaughter petting the rabbit. Your plates are perfect to go with your Mary Englebreit plates. My sister had that same set. I loved the magazine and saved all my issues. It's so nice that you got to go to the Alumni celebration at your college. It looks like a beautiful campus. Love the church, too, St. Mary's. So beautiful. Good memories for these dreary winter days! We are expecting a big storm Friday - heavy rain and wind. Batten down the hatches! Hugs xoxo Karen

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, I've always wanted to go to a real Oktober Fest! I love German folk dancing.

What a fun trip you must have had. Thanks for posting all the great pictures.

aimee said...

Yea, Oktoberfest! I love the concerts in St. Mary's and yes, much cooler and comfortable in there--besides it is truly beautiful as you said!
LOVE the red car...a hot rod?
Now you have me wondering just what they have changed at the colleges I attended:)
PS: Your message received...will contact you when things get a bit calmer.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I so want to take my kids there someday! Looks like so much fun!