Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day!  I want to share with you a piece of art work my friend, Miriam, gave to me a couple weeks ago. She was sharing at church about her work in China, where she teaches English at a university. It's great to hear what she's been doing there. Amazing stories of what God has been doing. Miriam gave this piece of art work to me and my husband, thanking us for our prayerful and monetary support for her work. It's done by a lady in China that sells her art work.  This particular drawing, which she did right there in front of Miriam, reads "Love" in Chinese. Special to me since Miriam thought of us and gave it to us.  And because it's also my birthday today! Yes!! Really!!!

I spotted these cyclamens outside a store I frequent. So beautiful.

I know my birthday is soon when the primroses come out in all the stores. Spring is coming too. I have a couple fun things to do today. One thing is I'm not working, as I get it off from work and get paid as well! If I worked, I'd get "double dip day" as my boss calls it. Paid for birthday and for working. But this year I decided to take the day off since Phil has Toastmasters at work. So I decided to be with him today for awhile. He decided  to do a humorous speech in honor of my birthday and something we will do together in the future, in space! Can't wait to hear it, slides as well. Free lunch! Then we'll have dinner at Denny's with a free grand slam for the birthday lady!  I'll let you know how the day goes. First off, open the birthday cards I got in the mail!  They've been sitting on my desk for a few days. Not opened nary a one!  Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!  Enjoy and eat some chocolate. I know I will! God Bless You! 


Kathy said...

Happy birthday! And Happy Valentine's Day! You are the second person I know that has a birthday today. Have a lovely day. I'd love to be there to hear what your husband says.

Karen said...

How sweet that your birthday falls on Valentine's Day! A precious gift for your Dear Mother and Father that day!

I love your china card and isn't it nice to be thought of from so far away!

Your husband sounds like a wonderful guy - enjoy your day and Happy Birthday to you, and Happy Valentine's Day! Now that's a double dip! xoxo

aimee said...

Happy, blessed, wonderful birthday to you Becky! Loved the almost spring flowers and beautiful Chinese calligraphy artwork. Oh and yes, I did eat chocolate...enjoy yours :-)
Blessings, Aimee