Friday, February 22, 2013

My Birthday Blessings

Last Thursday, Feb 14, I celebrated another year of life! I got quite a few cards. And some fun gifts from friends and family.  The knitted item underneath all the cards is a scarf that my daughter in  love made. It matches the hat she gave me a year ago.  I wore it some that day but was warm (58 degrees) out but still wore it later in the day when grocery shopping.  I really love the card from my grandchildren that was designed by their sweet mom. I teared up!

This little purple bear is from my florist friend, Tamara. She made a little folder that's  around the bear. She's so creative! She tucked a few surprises in there as well.  The purple primroses are from my daughter.  The Xen-Tan is a gift from my husband. It's a foldable lotion applicator. I'd seen it in a magazine when I was perusing it before I recycled it. It works great. He ordered it from

Flowers from my husband. I took photo from above to see the majority of it. It's tall so hard to get a good photo of the flowers.

The iris that I really like, not just for it's color.

An apron my friend, Jill, made for me.  The back side is same as the pockets and ties.

Pocket has my name on it. I will use this apron alot since I like to wear them when cooking and baking.  I usually get something on my clothes when I'm baking. I think I will bake a cake tomorrow since I didn't get one. I was going to make one and have a couple friends over for tea that weekend. I wound up getting sick...later found I have bronchitis! YUCK! (I'm doing better but still feel a bit tired.)   I thank God for all the years I've had and I look forward to the days and years ahead.  I've learned alot in my Bible readings and attending church that has strengthened my faith in Him.  He's given me a wonderful husband who loves me, allows my space for my creativity, and puts up with me as well (vise versa.) I cherish my two adult children, remembering how far we've come as a family and even though they are older, including mom and dad, we find love is still there. My daughter in love is special as well, still learning to know more about her in the 6 years they've been married.....loving their adorable children as well.   God's given me wonderful Christian friends and church family that are just a blessing to me and Phil.  Would be lost without them.  Lately there are a few minor concerns for my mom. She lives in a nursing home and I sometimes just want to be with her. When I'm with her, though, there's nothing to do, discussion is limited since she doesn't get out much. But we have the time together.  That's important. She never said Happy Birthday to me but she told people it was my birthday. She couldn't understand why I wouldn't tell anyone how old I was!  She had no problem saying how old she was nor did the sweet gardener man at the nursing home!  He's older than my dad (if he was alive.)  Times change but the memories linger. That's special as well. I've had a good life, so I can't complain.  I enjoy this note in a card "May your day be full of love and laughter and your year ahead be spent making memories with those who matter most."  On that note, I'll close and bid you farewell til we meet again! Hugs! 


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Becky! What a lovely birthday you had and I love how you have counted your blessings as the best gift of all! Faith, Family and Friends. The best things in life. I wish you many, many more years of blessings. xoxo

aimee said...

Wow, bronchitis? Glad you are better. This has been a bad winter for many bloggers...
I am thinking that you like's.a.beautiful color. When I was younger I had a purple bedroom:) What wonderful, thoughtful gifts! Enjoy them all in GOOD health.
Blessings, Aimee
PS: Sorry about the extra periods. I am on my phone and it is way too easy to hit the wrong keys :-)

Kathy said...

ancGod has truly blessed you with many years and a wonderful family. A belated Happy Birthday to you.

Laury said...

Happy Birthday, Becky! Looks like you were blessed abundantly!

Julie G. said...

Oh how very blessed you are to have such warm, wonderful, loving friends and family. Happy belated birthday to you! I hope your birthday is just the beginning of a whole year full of unexpected joys and simple pleasures.

Erin Lowmaster said...

So glad you loved the scarf! I loved making it and the Homespun yarn worked up so nicely making a nice loose scarf that can be worn so many ways! I know some people like thicker heavier scarves but I felt like an airy one would be nicer! Again, Happy Birthday :)

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Look at all those fun and beautiful gifts! Happy Belated Birthday Grandma Becky! <3

Camille said...

Happy belated birthday Becky! I trust you are feeling better now? Hang in there! What a sweet thing it is that you were able to see your Mom...I am sure she just appreciates your company. Singing hymns to her and reading Scripture would be a lovely encouragement to you both...I know that's what meant so much to my Grandma when I visited with her when she could no longer participate in the conversation.

Many Blessings to you!