Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching Up Post

Hello! Remember when I said I didn't have a birthday cake? I finally felt well enough to make an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cake mid February. It is yummy. It doesn't need frosting. It's relatively healthy since it's got oatmeal in it. Right? We like it and it's easy to make, even from scratch. It's from a Taste of Country Cookbook, 5th Edition, which I've had for awhile.

Oh, look as those yummy chocolate chips, just waiting for me to eat them. Oh, there's Ocean Spray Craisins in there as well, so it's even more healthy!

Dinner that evening I made a sausage potato soup with some cabbage slaw (from a bag) in it. So yummy!

Here's dinner! Phil made the biscuits from our homemade mix. It was delicious on a cool February evening.

And then there was cake. Finally! Delicious!
Fast Forward a week later. Megan and I met up with my sister, Kerri, in Longview, WA. We'd gone to Old Creekside Cafe, where we ate last year. This was a late birthday lunch, since I'd been under the weather the week we were supposed to meet. Megan went with me since she wasn't working. We had a good time. Megan wanted to go in this store, which is a pawn store and you can get bail bonds. (We didn't need one of those.) It was fun to look around. I looked at some camera lenses but none of the zoom ones were what I could have used. There was a $70 one I'd buy if it was the right one. Nope. Oh well. It's interesting to see items people pawn for money. There were some old pocket watches, one as old as late 1800s. Obviously in someone's family. Nobody wanted it.  Sigh!

Water buffalo head, any one?

Ship steerage?

We went into the same thrift store we shopped in last year. We scored again. I'm trying out some purses. What do you think of this one? Rather nice spring fashion appeared oriental.

Or a metallic purse? I rather liked this one but Megan said no. The scarf was a gift on my birthday from Erin.I didn't buy either of the purses. My sister found a few things as well.

This was a cute couple. Notice the patchwork feet? It's a rabbit.

Wedding dresses in the front window.

I bought this 8 x8" Corningware dish. Made in 1975, a couple years before I was married. I really like this pattern. I baked these chocolate lava cakes (from Trader Joes)  in it the other day. They were delicious.

I've not been to Bermuda but I have another lighthouse piece by this maritime artist, Donna Elias. This is the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the oldest cast iron lighthouses of the world. So I added this to my collection. The other piece I have is a collage of Oregon lighthouses.
My sister, Kerri, and I at a restaurant where we ate ice cream after our little shopping spree. Megan enjoyed all the Coca Cola memorabilia. We had a good afternoon, even though none of us were feeling the best. But we enjoyed our time together. Then we went our separate ways, one going north, the other two south. I love my lil' sis!

The adorable grandchildren that I didn't get to watch a week ago. I still wasn't feeling well enough to watch them while mom and dad went out to a big second hand sale a church puts on every year. So Megan watched them. She took photos of them on her cell phone and sent them to me.  Melody is showing off her cookie.

Owen is eating his cookie as well. He had to be shown how to pull them apart. He's still learning the ropes of eating this type of yummy cookie. He's got a big bib on. I think it's one he uses when he paints. I missed seeing them. Melody wanted Megan to call me so I could talk to them. Melody was being her silly self. I asked them to sing me a song....Jesus Loves Me. They did ok, except Melody was still being silly but Owen was singing the song!

I am feeling better. Still trying to get enough sleep. I'm getting there. I didn't get to sleep in at all on my days off. On Friday I had to be at the diagnostic imaging center at 8:15 a.m. for a CT scan. It went ok once they found a good vein to put the needle in. Needles can't be small in this test since they have to inject contrast into the vein. It took longer to find the vein than the actual test. At least the tech was kind enough to try once and when that failed, she got another tech that was better....still hurt some but it was better than the first one. Now am waiting for results. There was a lung nodule that was found in both x-rays but nothing confirmed to what it really was. I'm sure it's ok. I've had bronchitis and inflamed lungs and meds to clear both up. I'm breathing much better. Thanks for your prayers.  Yesterday I got up early so Megan and I could go to a memorial service for a sweet Christian lady, Marilee, who ended her 11 year battle with breast cancer. Quite the service. Encouraging, happy and sad. But she loved the Lord and will see her in heaven, in the sweet by and by. Her husband was the one who officiated Justin and Erin's wedding in our home over 6 years ago. What would we do without friends to help us?  Today, of course, there was church. So not too bad of a struggle to get up. The day is beautiful out even though a bit of wind makes it chillier than it looks. Hope to walk to the mall for our Subway dinner tonight. I feel good and need the walk.  Have a great week, my friends.


Laury said...

Becky, praying for your test results and for deep, restorative sleep for you. <3

aimee said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend is a blessing to know you will see her again one day though!
Happy to hear you are feeling better...thinking of you today.
Mmm. Your potato soup sounds yummy today :-)
Blessings, Aimee
PS: good pic of you and your sister...did you notice Owen's toes in his picture? Cute!

Karen said...

Glad you are feeling better, Becky! So sad about the memorial service, but wonderful that you were there. The grandchildren are cute as can be and the photos of you and your sister are so sweet. I can tell that you are sisters by the cute smiles! So nice that you got to spend the day together shopping. I like your scarf. That oatmeal cake looks just like one I always make, minus the choc. chips and craisins. I got the recipe from "The Oregonian" back when I was a young mother living near Salem. Maybe the same recipe, huh? I like your Corelle dish and your soup looks yummy. Well, I know I have left out something, but I enjoyed this post! Hope you have a wonderful week and that you continue to feel better!

Hugs xoxo


Camille said...

I *love* soup for dinner...and homemade rolls...YUM! I'm glad you finally got your cake Becky. :) And...I would agree...the metallic purse is a *no go*....LOL! :) I think the casserole dish was a great find.

Love to you!

Melissa :) said...

Hi Grandma Becky! Thank you for commenting on my blog & it's so nice to meet you, even if it is because of that crazy woman MckMama! You have a wonderful blog! We have a lot in common, too! I'll be back later to read more on your blog! :)