Sunday, March 24, 2013

Traveling Companion

Once upon a time, there was a little TY Beanie Baby bear in a candy store. She sat on a shelf until one day this kind lady, named becky picked Ticklish off the shelf. (Ticklish is the name on the tag.),She was pink and fit the bill. See, there was a plan to send me to a lady who was fighting cancer and doing chemo. She was in a program called chemo angels. becky was an "angel" who sent little gifts and cards to this lady.  So becky bought this bear to send to dear lady M.   But before Ticklish could go to dear lady M, she was to take a trip to TN first. Get some photo shoots done then sent to dear lady M. Fast forward 6 years later,  dear (departed) lady M's daughter, miss A., sent Ticklish back to becky. Why? becky wanted to know if Ticklish would like to go on another trip with her. To Nicaragua. So Ticklish arrived mid Feb 2013. She was in a box and cold. becky hugged her since she was so happy to see her again. Many memories. Then becky put Ticklish in this quilt to warm her. Isn't becky so kind? I've missed her too!

Ticklish checked out becky's new camera bag for the trip to Nicaragua. Maybe little bear can squish in the bag. Will see. If not, then in the carry on. We are both excited. 5 more weeks and counting. Bags not packed yet, but mentally we are packing. Got a gallon sized ziploc bag filled with small items: wet wipes, powder deoderant that's hard to find, thank you Fred Meyer for having it in your travel section. travel size toothpaste. Need some different sox. Extra camera battery to order this week so it gets here before we leave.

Meanwhile, Ticklish has made new friends at this nice house. Settled in quite nicely. Will meet becky's grandchildren next week. Can't wait for more hugs! I hear that the bear becky bought in TN is here too. I need to meet him/her soon. Maybe later becky will share photos of trip to TN and some of Israel, where I went with miss A. a few years later.  I think it will be after the trip since becky is quite busy right now. She's still tired but feeling better, no dizziness since she went to the dentist yesterday and evened out a couple teeth. Amazing how different she feels. becky thanks you for your prayers and sweet comments on her blog. See you in another post.


Kathy said...

Glad to meet you Ticklish. You are a much traveled bear. You must have had lots of adventures. Can't wait to see pictures of you in Nicaragua.

Karen Frost said...

Oh, what a sweet and sad story of how Ticklish came back to you! But an exciting adventure awaits - I can almost feel the excitement there! Thanks for the tip about the Fred Meyer powder wipes, too. Glad you are feeling better and no dizziness.
Hugs, Karen xoxo

aimee said...

I hope Ticklish will have a great time on your mission her/his passport in order? :):)
Glad to hear your dizziness is gone and you are doing better.
Have a blessed Holy Week!

Camille said...

Cute post Becky! Wow...only five weeks to go? What a blessing that you were able to get those teeth attended sound like you are feeling much better. :)

Happy Easter! HE is Risen...indeed!


gahome2mom said...

I think this is an awesome idea! Oh, yeah! :) lol