Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tulips a comin' soon!

The days are appearing a bit warmer than even last week. I even saw the sun a bit today and warmth outdoors on my walk down to the video store to return a rental.(Skyfall--007) It's in the same little mall where I work. So it was nice to just get away from the store on a break and be outside. Real air!  My daughter is excited about working at the tulip farm this year. She's in between jobs and she got hired on for the season. We've gone there many years. I've taken hundreds of tulip photos. We know the owners. I've taken hundreds of Nice to have connections. I worked there 8 years ago when I was in between jobs. A few months later I started working at the hardware store where I'm at now. So it's good vibes, I guess. Praying Megan will get another job, more permanent. It will happen.
   As for me, I'm feeling better. I have a CT scan scheduled for Friday on my chest...2 x-rays didn't rule out what radiologist saw...don't know what it is. So we are praying the results are nothing bad. I won't know what it is til Monday, unfortunately. (Maybe I can ask to have the tests read and over to dr by later in the day since it's gonna be early morning? Probably not; never hurts to ask! Right?) But am resting in God's arms and not dwelling on it. I had a blessing this a.m. On  the way to work, I heard 2 songs  that helped me calm my nerves and apprehensiveness. He is in this storm with me. I know I'm in good hands. No matter what happens! His love never fails, He never gives up on me!


aimee said...

What gorgeous photos Becky! I love tulips and was very excited to find some in bloom last week when I was out and about shopping! Very nice that your daughter was able to get employment there to help out her situation...I know the economy is still rough, despite what you hear on the news :-(
Will remember you in my prayers today. May the peace of Christ surround you.
Blessings, Aimee

Kathy said...

Praying for you and your health concerns. I can't wait for spring. I love the tulips.

Karen said...

Beautiful tulip fields and so good that your daughter has found a place of beauty to work. Praying for you to hear good news on test results.

Spring is here, I heard the peeper's the last few nights!

Hugs to you xoxo

Teresa Kindred said...

Hello there friend,
Saying a prayer for your health today! We have never met but I feel a connection with you. We are "kindred spirits!"

Blessings to you Becky!

Teresa from NanaHood.com

Camille said...

Keep your eyes fixed on our Precious Saviour, my friend. HE is in this storm with you. HE never fails and is always faithful. What a blessing to rest in HIS perfect plan! Praying for you....

With Love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I was just cleaning out my flower beds today and some some hyacinth starting to peak out of the ground. Oh, I can't wait to get some color around her!

I'm praying the CT scan results will be favorable. Sounds like you are at peace, and that is wonderful. Praying that peace will continue.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!