Saturday, April 6, 2013

rainy day mixed with tears

hello my friends. A rainy day all around. Been busy so blogging has not fit in my week. Monday and Tues. I worked early since co worker was on vacation....she usually covers first two hours at register. Then it's my shift. By 2nd evening I was tired. Yesterday and today i felt pretty good. Got shopping done, some items for my trip. This afternoon I got my hepatitis A shot at Walgreens.  Last shot for my trip. Still need tyhoid pills, not shot. Am thinking about not getting it at all.

     Later afternoon, I made 3 loaves of banana bread. Didn't eat any since we are taking down with us to relatives on Sunday. My uncle called me this week. He's wheelchair bound for years due to multiple sclerosis.  His two adult children, my cousins, are both dying of cancer.  Terminal. Oh dear. So I felt the need to see them before they pass on.....die. Phil felt the same way. So we head out early p.m.  It's a little bit of a drive but ok with 2 drivers. We trade, one drives down, the other drives back.  It's something I feel that's necessary. Family needs to see their family's love.  I've been touched recently by a friend's death, no thanks to cancer. I feel a bit annoyed at myself for not being more involved when she was down. I know I can't be in everyone's life when they are sick, dying.  Maybe it's just the caring part of me that wants ..........Oh it's hard to describe. Sigh!  

     The evening is done and so are the dishes.  Thank you, my dear Mr. P for telling me he'd do them. I had a busy afternoon, he said. I didn't mind a bit.  Now I'm off to put banana bread in bags and crawl into bed soon. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow, with church and visiting relatives,  driving and emotions of it all. I ask prayers for our trip and the right words to say. Til next time....

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