Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A wee update. ...

Ok, an update from lil' ol me.  My cousin, Laurel died late Tuesday afternoon. My uncle called me right before Phil and I went on a walk. I'm glad we made the trip down to see her, even though she wasn't awake.  It wasn't easy saying goodbye since I knew it wouldn't be long before she died.  I don't know how to tell my mom on Fri.  She already knows Laurel and her brother have cancer. Mom is concerned about her brother,  my uncle. He didn't look the best on Sunday.  
Another rainy day that was windy and daughter coming home early from tulip farm. She got school work done and did laundry.  Now I'm off to kitchen to eat some yogurt. An hour ago I took my first of 4 typhoid pills.  I think yogurt would help the possible side effect of diaherra a lesser chance of getting me? Will see. Pray I do well through my 3 other pills. I take one every other day. Done next Tue.  Pill form half the price of a shot.  Am counting down the days. Checking off things to purchase. How to take money and not lose it. Good night,  my friends.

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aimee said...

Dear Becky,
I am SO very sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin Laurel and the illness of her brother. How hard that must be for your uncle who already is dealing with his own health challenges. I pray that God will be with the family and bring them peace and comfort for their aching and tired hearts.
God give you the words to share the news with your mom when you see her tomorrow.
Blessings to you + yours,
PS: Did the doctor or pharmacist have any ideas on avoiding the side effects of your typhoid meds?