Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fantastic Item for Travel

I recently ordered a sleeve for my tablet. I had my friend, April, at Marine Parent's Blog make it for me.She has an Etsy shop. Mine doesn't have a ruffle for space limitations in my camera bag.  I felt I needed a bit more protection for the tablet, even tho it came with a hard case. Never can be too careful when traveling. So I hopped on board and April stitched away and sent it to me. I was so excited when it arrived. Neither of us could believe it only took 3 days to get from Japan to Oregon! Fastest shipment yet for her. It normally takes 8-10 business days to ship to the states.

The fabric is Japanese patchwork. I am enjoying it already. It's lined as well, with light green lining. No photo cuz it came out blurry.

Little goodies including a couple candies and little paper clips.

Ticklish came to see what the fuss was about. She decided to take a nap on the sleeve. "Just my size!" she said.

Tulips that Megan brought from the tulip farm...the first ones. These were in my kitchen. Of course, I had to do another photo shoot.

last but not least, my list I wrote up months ago for my trip to Nicaragua. I have all my shots, got the IBU travel bottle. Not sure about mosquito repellent. I took the 3rd of 4 typhoid pill tonight. It's not been bad, actually. First was a bit worse, some cramping, other stuff that's minor. So thankful for that. Now it's down to thinking of packing. I bought a few things to take to the mission this afternoon. Hoping 2 pillows will squish well into the luggage and be ok. They don't weigh much. I ordered a 3 pack through Groupon last year. One we use on the couch and others not used yet. Why not put them to better use.  Now under 2 weeks away! 


Kathy said...

I have a friend in Japan and I never get things from her that quickly. That is amazing!

Love the pictures of the tuliips. They are absolutely beautiful.

The countdown continues. Praying all goes well with your trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow, can't believe your trip is so soon! I can tell how excited you are:)
Your tulips are gorgeous! Did you enjoy your time there last week? I could not believe how many changes there had been since my last time there...loved it!