Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Easter Fun

After church on Easter, our family got together for an Easter lunch. Can you tell who arrived at the house and promptly made a pile of stuffed animals on a chair? The adorable grandchildren.

Dining room table with places set for everyone.  Eggs are decorated wooden eggs I picked up at World of the favorite stores of mine. Added some candy whopper eggs my daughter bought for us to eat!

Our lunch consisted of ham with pineapple, homemade biscuits, salad, mashed rutabaga (last two brought by Justin and Erin) and cranberry sauce. I was skeptical of the mashed rutabaga but it was actually alright. Tasted like cauliflower! So thankful for them sharing....oh I made pies....that we ate. Sorry, no photo.

Adorable grandchildren with their chocolate bunnies I "hid" for them and Ticklish. Mel wanted to know when the egg hunt was! I told her the bunny was the hunt. Oh.

Grandma and her adorables. Never can get everybody looking at camera at the same time....oh well!

Grandson and grandpa after lunch.....snooze time.....

Megan and Melody "snoozing"......not!

Ah, a parting shot of our son's family....I always feel a bit sad when they leave. I love them so much! Can't complain though since they aren't that far away.   Have a good week, my friends.......God's blessings.


Kathy said...

Nice pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

aimee said...

Such cute grandkids! Glad you all could enjoy Easter together:)
Your new header photo is cute-I think everyone loved that pink John Deere!

Linda said...

Looks like a really wonderful time. Lovely photos!