Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Crazy Days!

The other Friday, I stayed home cuz I just didn't feel like going anywhere. For lunch, I ate leftover turkey bean soup. Who needs crackers when I can eat Fritos. I am a confirmed Frito bandito! Pepsi. Leafed through food network chocolate issue, from last year. Looking to find cookie recipe to bake today.
It's time for Easter MnMs.

Made drop biscuits for dinner.

A batch of ccokies....a big one for Justin's birthday as well. Chocolate chips and craisins.

fast forward to Saturday night and Megan is unhappy cuz she had to take a cold shower again and couldn't wash her hair. What's a girl to do? 

I was thinking Sat. night baths of many years ago where people heated up water and dumped it in a big tub to take a bath. Hey, that's an idea! So I pulled out my Paul Deene stock pot from the laundry room. Heated up water on our gas stove. We'll beat that old water heater at it's game. We'd been having trouble with it for awhile. Deciding to quit heating. Of course, Phil was gone! I don't really know how to do the pilot light or another thing in there....leave it to someone more knowledgable.. 

So Megan shampooed her hair after I wet it and then I rinsed it. Used a pitcher with warm water. She said it was like church camp...chilly even though there was warm water.

Then I proceeded to wash some of the dishes in the sink. Silly me, kept turning on the water....hey, remember? It's cold water!
Time for some hot tea!

Mind meld! (Star Trek).We had been thinking about the same thing....heating up water.Freaky Saturday Night!

A note I left Phil. He was coming home late. So he needed to relit the pilot light.  The next day he put in the new thermo couple in the water heater. So far, so good. No cold showers. Praying it stays that way. We've had the same water heater for 23 years. Some things just give out.At least it was something less expensive and fixable!
Sunday a.m. I noticed a box on the kitchen counter. I peeked! Chocolate goodies! Phil brought Megan and I goodies. It was from the Saturday market in Vancouver. Oh so yummy.
A big bite! Just looking at this photo makes my mouth water. I'd love to have that recipe for sure.
Eating the delicious chocolate brownie with hot tea!  I feel like Bugs Bunny feels. Happy! Goofy! Out of this world!.

Tulips my daughter brought me on Monday when she started her job at the tulip farm. Of course I had to take some photos.

Take a peek inside!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Wow! I think I have the same cutting board. How funny!
The brownies look delicious!

aimee said...

Hi, Becky!
I am so glad you are again in hot water -- LOL:) We suffered through that some months ago and it was definitely not fun dealing with coldish showers, cold water for dishes, etc.
Yum--chocolate, tulips and fritos! Glad you enjoyed them all!

Karen Frost said...

Cold showers are the worst! Glad you got your hot water back! You take it for granted until you don't have it for a day, I know! We can't eat Frito's here. The Mr. works for a competing snack company. (But sometimes I sneak them)he he. What a nice Mr. you have, bringing you home treats like that! And how nice to have fresh tulips! xoxo