Thursday, May 30, 2013

Children in Nicaragua

Mid week posting of children that I enjoyed in my travels to Nicaragua. The 4 girls came to the mission after school was out in the afternoon. They were in the church building, which is open air on 3 sides with a roof overhead.  This is a photo I took as they were walking away after being around.  The second photo is then they returned and watched us do some work. There's a little boy as well. I had given the boy (whose name is David) a car and gave the little girl one as well and a hat...she was the one that grabbed it first. Too bad I didn't have more to give away. I'd already given two cars away to the cousins in Leon. Sigh. It was fun to see them laughing and having a good time. Ticklish is in the act as well. One of these days when I get my movies put together these girls are in it as well.

 David, who is in the middle photo, standing up, came to me later and told me his name. Then he wrote it on the wooden car I gave him. I got a sharpie and wrote Miguel, on the other side of the car. He's my co-worker (Micheal) who made the car. Then I drew windows and doors and drew around the tires on both sides. David was so cute and loved the car even more.  He introduced me to his brother and told me he had a baby brother too. He hugged me before he left. AWE, make me cry!  And the girls were fun as well. Second girl from the right, came up and gave me a hug and then wanted to look into the camera and see what photos I was taking and I showed her the ones I took of them as well.  What a fun afternoon! 

These little boys were sitting by the road as we were coming back from a house visit in La Isla. They had been watching older boys, possibly their brothers, playing soccer in the field behind them. It was May 1 so it was a day off for them.  I smiled at them and I asked if I could take a "photographica" and they laughed and smiled. Then I showed them the photo and they laughed and smiled.  Sweet!

 It's amazing that a month ago I was there and now I'm just reliving it as I go through all the photos I took. A good souvenir for sure.


Kathy said...

How sweet. Children are the same all over the world. No wonder God tells us to come to Him as a little child. Thanks for sharing these stories and pictures. I'm looking forward to hearing MORE!

aimee said...

What beautiful children! It's always such a blessing to be around kids-no matter where you are:)

Karen Frost said...

So sweet! The innocence of children is always lovely to see. I love their bright smiles. xoxo