Monday, May 13, 2013

Equipment Update

Yesterday my friend, Don, sent this email update to me. He was the leader of our team when we went to Nicaragua.  Here's an update on the equipment that was seized at customs. 

Just heard a word from our friends in Nicaragua.  They are in the final stages of getting all the equipment released from customs.  I don't fully understand the process.  They got all the paperwork done to get it released without having taxes in 16 out of the 20 days, but the government says it does not have the time to do it's paperwork.  So if we want the equipment, we will have to pay the taxes anyway.  Makes no sense to me, but it will be good to get the stuff released.  
I pray that the equipment will be released on time, without having to pay taxes and that the government will do their part to get their paper work done. They've had it long enough to do it. Our God is a great God, creator of the universe, the Great I AM. He can change these stipulations for the good...helping His children out who brought it and help the people who will receive the clean well water. I'd ask you, my bloggy friends, to pray as well. I know you have been praying and it's worked to get the equipment released and much appreciated. 

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Karen Frost said...

Praying for your equipment and for helping the people of Nicaragua. Such a worthy cause! It will all work out, God is good. xoxo