Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Journey Begins to Nicaragua

Aboard a Delta airplane out of PDX, flying above the clouds, Mt. Hood in the background.

Flying over the Wallowa mountains, eastern Oregon.

Ticklish (my stuffed, warm, cuddly travel companion) on board with me, my orange juice, and my hat. I ate my cinnamon roll I bought along with oj at Rose's cafe in airport. I was hungry cuz it was 2:30 a.m. when Don and Belinda picked me up at my house. Two and a half hours of sleep. Tired. Hungry. When I'm awake that early, my tummy says eat.

Fast forward to airplane from Atlanta, GA to Managua, Nicaragua. Ticklish and I are figuring out forms for temporary migration into Nicaragua. A whole new world for us!

Sunset out the airplane window.

Our taxi driver of van we rode in from the Managua airport to New Song Mission. He's explaining things about what happened at customs to Diego. Linda and Don listen in. Linda knows Spanish but not as good as the driver.

Sat. a.m. was staff worship time. This was scripture from Isaiah.

Later, I went out with Kay so she could remind some of the youth about the function happening later in the evening. Here's a dog at the first house we went to. I was a bit apprehensive about all the dogs running around loose. But never had one bother me. I looked at this one, he sniffed me, didn't bother me.

Wash hanging out in the afternoon. Everyone does laundry outdoors, by hand.

Drainage from the house.

This young man came riding by us. I was trying to get out of his way and vice versa. We nearly collided!  He has a sack in his mouth that holds one shoe.

Houses in the area.

Kay getting some lunch after we got back.

Plantain, mangoes, melon in the kitchen.

My lunch....macaroni and cheese, broccoli, chicken and tomatoes.

Kitchen that was recently done, during build the wall project at New Song Mission. There is filtered, purified water in sink to the right of refrigerator. It was worked on Monday.

Truck at mission. We rode in this a few times. I rode in the front. A couple physical reasons.

A windy afternoon.

Bathroom at the mission. There is a toilet to left of shower. Because of the issues with septic tank, no toilet paper could be flushed. It clogs it up. Only cold water but that's ok. It felt good. But when I get out and dried off, I started to sweat again!

My bed and Ticklish too! Window behind bed was opened at night for some ventilation. No a/c! Just fans. It didn't help me sleep much. In hindsight, I think I should have rested a bit during the afternoon so I wouldn't be so tired when I got home. Live and learn, especially at my age!

My taxi ride from New Song mission to Leon. I am meeting up with Maria and her girls for the weekend. I will be staying at the Hostel Italian, which she and Pedro manage.

Taxi driver and's a BMW. But not real plush, no door handles inside. 4 windows open for ventilation. I'm so thankful to be here safely. The drivers are crazy here, so different from USA drivers. Stop is a loosely  used term in driving....slow down, no stop or totally ignore it! Sometimes I just looked the other way instead of looking at the traffic when we were out somewhere! Kept myself more sane that way!

Relaxing in my room with my cold Pepsi and water bottle.

I turned on the tv. I changed channels until I could find a channel that had English programming. Wound up watching something with animated penguins. It wasn't Happy Feet. Later I turned it on and there wasn't anything good to watch, off it went, read a bit of Bible off my tablet, went to sleep then took a shower in the a.m. Didn't know how to make hot water come on. It felt good anyway since I was warn already!

Doors, one to hall other to bathroom

Air Conditioner.

Ticklish wants some Fritos that I bought at the Atlanta airport. Yes, we ate some cuz it was snack time.

Maria ordered pizza for us since she was busy at the hostel and couldn't go out. Just like a Sat. night at our house! Laura and Rachel look on, we're waiting for Maria. I had a good time with them, so good to see my friends again.

My room.

Painting in hallway across from my room. I liked it alot.

Nice little rest area in hostel. Beyond the door was a kitchen.   This is the end of the day for me. Next will be Sunday, a new week in Nicaragua. Quite the days, every day. Beauty, old buildings, friends to help me through the days.   Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Let me know you were here.


Kathy said...

My pleasure to stop by to see your very interesting trip to Nicaragua. Thank YOU for all the great pictures. So interesting to hear about. I'm looking forward to more.

Karen Frost said...

Wow, Becky, you are very brave to travel there and experience a different climate, foods and crazy drivers! I thought Seattle drivers were the craziest, but maybe I was wrong! Looks like you had an interesting time and adequate accomodations. I'm not good in heat, I think I would have had heat stroke! And no way would I have been able to ride in the back of that truck! Yikes! Do they lose passengers when they drive crazy? Ha Ha! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip. What was your mission there? xx

Camille said...

I enjoyed this post my friend...what an adventure! I agree...sleeping in the afternoon sounds like it would have been a good idea! :) Too bad you discovered that too late. :( What a blessing you were able to go and be a blessing to others. Hugs, Camille