Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Leon Visit

Another day dawns in Leon, Nicaragua. Sunday April 28. I am up, showered and dressed. Since Maria hasn't made my breakfast yet, where I'm staying at the Hostel Italian, I'm out with my camera just 1/4 block away at this cathedral.

Maria making my breakfast of fried plantain, fried cheese and eggs.

Adorable Laura at recepcion!  She quite the girl at 6 yrs old.

We are ready for church and take a taxi to the church, 5 minutes away. Much longer to walk.  This is the church Pedro pastors.  He's not here today though since he's off with a group from church at a conference where he's preaching and a few of the men on the music team are there as well. I was a bit sad that I didn't get to see him today.  Two photos below are of traffic in front of the church.

Rachel (left) Paola (with mic) and Laura at church. 3 dear girls (sisters).  Photo below is window and wall of church. So glad windows were open and ceiling fans going since it was a hot day already at 9 a.m.
Congregation. Usually 100 people but today about 50.

Worship team. The little boy that played drums was really right on cue. He's gonna be a good drummer one of these days. He was fun to watch with his seriousness about this drum business.

Felix, Pedro's brother, is preaching and Scarlett is the interpreter for English speaking people.  Ticklish is there with me, with my tablet that has Bible (on Kindle)  Hebrews 5:1-10.  Behind the sanctuary, is another room that was the church's first sanctuary.

Fast forward to lunch, after Scarlett took me and the girls back to the Hostel. Paola went with me to the restaurant just a few yards away for my meal. I ordered corn tortilla with beef steak piece (that's what menu said in English.) I also ordered fries (since allegedly nothing else came with it..we asked). I knew I'd get some little girls to help me eat the pile of fries that I received as well.  When I opened the box I brought back, there was plantain chips (soft) and beans. YUM! Yellow tomatoes inside the tortilla as well.  Pepsi from a glass bottle (whose top cracked and didn't know it til I got my 2nd sip...what happened there?) SO I got another one...this was at hostel...oh well, I didn't know if there was any more glass in it or not. Maria proceeded to drink it! Sigh!   Laura and her cousin helped me eat the french fries. They are giving Ticklish some loving hugs!

I'm out in the evening with Paola, after we all had ice cream. I didn't know all this was out there and so the 2 of us went a few blocks around the town before it got dark. Dusk is 6:30 p.m. there since it's going into fall or what they call their hot and wet season.  Church behind me and photo below left is named after Senora de Merced, 1918 when it was built. I will share more photos of building later on.   Paola, below, right, my great tour guide. She's 15 and such a sweet heart and very knowledgeable for her age.

Coconut tree and lamp in the evening light. It's a silhoutte!   An ice cream vendor!  Trees cut in an interesting shape.

Woman powered taxi.  A green building. They like color!   A phone that is no longer used. I picked up receiver and sure enough, no dial tone. There was about 6 of these on the same wall. Everyone has cell phones now. They have to call in to get more minutes, no cell phone cards to buy at a store either.    Fruit and vegetables from a street vendor. Looked enticing but stayed clear of buying any. Not a good thing for a visitor to eat. Or make sure everything is washed and skin peeled.

We have come back around to Basilica Cathedral de la Asuncion, built in 1747. Painting and renovation going on.  To the right of it is another church. It used to be a girls' reform school in years past.

Monday April 29, I have lunch that's a mango. rice, and chicken and fritos as well. I'd been taking notes as well while waiting for the girls to come home from school. Money to the left is other side of cordoba that I showed you a few posts ago.

I'm by this lion statue that I like. I think of "God's not dead, He's roaring like a lion" from a Newsboys song. This is afternoon when my friends come pick me up from running to Managua again and no equipment. Sigh.  When Don was tying my 2 pieces of luggage on the roof of car, security came by and asked us to do something. No comprende.....turned out he wanted us to close the door that was open into the street. A funeral procession was making its way to the cathedral. That's why there were white flowers in there today that weren't there yesterday.

A store across the street from where we were parked. Then we headed to New Song mission, in Chichigalpa. It was good to see my friends again and experience a city's culture in another country. I was ready to get back with my group and settle back into my room at the mission.

Dinner that evening was leftovers. But it was good....spaghetti, iguana tail, ketchup and tomatoes. Linda eating at table with me. We've become good friends.  My purple water bottle to the right, that got a lot of use this trip. I got it a week before I left and it held up well. Still have it! We had filtered water from the kitchen sink at the mission that we took with us wherever we were. Hot climate equals drink lots of water or pay the consequences of dehydration and hurting stomach.     That's all for this post, more coming up. Stay tuned, my friends. Have a blessed week!

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