Monday, May 6, 2013

Nerves Of Steel Team (with text)

Hello! Here's the first photo of our team that went to Nicaragua last week. We are in front of the cathedral in Leon. I'd been there for a couple days visiting my friends and went to our sister church there on Sunday. Linda and the team came by after going to the airport again, attempting to retrieve the equipment  that was in customs. No equipment.  Our team consists of Becky, Jerry, Derek, Don and Candace.

We've been called the Nerves of Steel Team because of the incident of customs holding our equipment and going through an interesting morning on Friday on our way to Managua, to return stateside.  First we were pulled over by the local police, for an unknown reason. Checked out the driver's id, then around to open sliding door on passenger side. We showed our passports and officer looked at them 2x. Then handed them back to us, and off we went. Half an hour later, our driver stopped 2x to check the tire on the right side. Later up the road, a rough ride when the tire completely came off!  Oh dear me!  I'm thankful for a flashlight in my carry on luggage. Anyway, long story short, in the dark of early morning we sat in the van. I prayed and sang in my head. An hour later, another taxi van came and we moved quickly from one to other, with luggage. Off we went in a fast mode. Boy, you could never drive crazy in US as they do in Nica. But we made it, safe and got to airport with good timing, checking in, going through customs and security. 20 min. wait time til boarding call.     Linda, from New Song Missions, where we were, couldn't believe all that happened that a.m.  We just rolled with the punches, as they say. Moved on. She has called us the Nerves of Steel team because of that.  So thankful everything turned out all right. Amazing! Thankful for a God who gives us His love and guidance in the hard times. Definitely felt Him with us. Thanks for your prayers.     (Not sure what happened earlier, but only photos showed up, no words. Now there's words. There were words last night!)


MeganL said...

Words must have got help up in customs too!

Karen Frost said...

Wow, that is a little scary! Glad it all turned out good! Can't wait to see your photos! Take good care! xoxo

momto8blog said...

oh my gosh! nerves of steel is right!!!

Camille said...

What a sweet testimony of God's provision. even made your flight! :)