Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thoughts on Sunday

Life would be flat if there wasn't any music!

I've always loved music. Studied music for a year at Bible college. I enjoy singing and especially singing praises to God in church and on days I have Christian music playing in the car on the way to work, or working in my kitchen. So I was thrilled to see a church reader board in my town with the writing that I just shared.  I love the "Sound of Music" and "Oklahoma" (which was the first musical I saw in junior high, many years ago!)  I have asked a few people what it would be like to just start singing when I'm out in a store....would anybody think I'm weird? Would they sing with me or call security, give me weird looks? I have heard of flash mobs going on. A couple months ago my daughter and I were at a Fred Meyer store on a Friday. They had asked customers to come up front.....we continued to shop in the shoe section. About 10 minutes later, a flash mob dance was happening! Oh funny, how fun?! Sigh!  I like music. It's in my head and in my heart. 
One of my favorites was sung at church today. We sang it beautifully. Then when I was leaving church after interlude of snack and visiting with friends, heard the song again as 3rd service was going on. "Beautiful Things"  I found it on a Youtube to share with you. The music is playing while photos come up of
Finish the Wall project at New Song Mission, in Nicaragua. (click on link) We were there after the project. I enjoy seeing the photos of before and the new. We experienced the new. Enjoy! Find a good song for your heart to sing this week! God bless!


Kathy said...

Becky we are so much alike. I love having praise and worship music on in the car while I am driving to work and beginning my day with worship to our God. I don't care if I look silly driving and singing. No one can hear me but God and He doesn't think I'm silly. One of my favorites was sung at church today -- "Be Thou My Vision". Isn't music wonderful?

Karen Frost said...

Songs fill your heart with joy! Loved your photos of the mission and all the people that worked so hard to get it all done. Wonderful work you are doing in such a disadvantaged part of the world. Hugs, xoxo