Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday what not thoughts....

Another week to work, to enjoy the sunshine then the coolness and the rain. It's interesting how people can call a rainy day such a yucky day. Granted yesterday was warmer and  people came in the hardware store to shop and made it a good day in many ways. But I think any day is a good day, no matter what the weather. Considering what the people of Oklahoma has been through these past few days, this weather is great! Nor is it hot and humid like Nicaragua. 

I am so blessed to be loved by my family and this weekend we will be celebrating our granddaughter's 5th birthday. She's growing up so quickly and so loving to her little brother.
She enjoys drawing and being silly. I love her laugh. I remember when she was little and not able to talk. She come with her mom and dad. She'd sit in her highchair. While we were eating, she'd just laugh. She was happy. Even now, she gets a little sad when she has to leave our house. We like having her here visiting with us. I just love her so much. She's added another dimension to love in my life. 

My daughter is looking for work, had an interview on Sat. for a nanny position. Today another job interview for a place where they make knives. The company moved the knife making from China back to the states, since it costs too much business to do it overseas! (That's good). A job fair on Thurs. So it's keeping her busy and excited that there is a job possibility soon. She enjoyed her job at the tulip farm but that season is gone now.

 I have slowly been going through photos from Nicaragua. I am sharing a couple with you today...things I brought back with me to the states.

I bought these nice purses, made in Nicaragua, for $10 each, red striped one for my daughter and purple striped one for me. They are lined in black and have two zipped openings.  Other side is just striped material. I've not used mine yet. Wanna wash it first, by hand of course.
Some money I took photos of are 10 cordobas (50 cent) and 50 cordobas ($2) I kept the purple one since on the front it has pottery and that would have been hard to fly home with.  The money looks like I'm rich but in reality, not. But I am in many ways as in, my lifestyle and my job. my car. I count my blessings in many ways. I hope I never lose sight of that.  I'm rich in my relationship with God. And on that note, I'm closing this lap top and going to do my Bible study, fold some clothes, clean kitchen and go to bed. Hugs and blessings, my friends!


Jan said...

Yes Becky, any day we wake up is a good day, though I do prefer rainy days in Summer rather than the gloomy winter rainy days.
Trusting your daughter will find lovely employment soon.
The pics from Nicaragua look great. When I tried to see your page last time, I didn't get on. Look forward to more from there.
Love and Blessings,

aimee said...

I am struggling a bit with the change of weather (am very sensitive to changes in light), but am thankful because we really, really need it.
Happy (upcoming) Birthday to your sweet granddaughter-may God bless her richly in the next year of her life!
Beautiful bags--love the vibrant colors:)
PS: Prayers for your daughter.

Karen Frost said...

Beautiful thoughts today, Becky! We really should count our blessings every day we have the priveledge of being here on this beautiful Earth. Your little granddaughter sounds so sweet and a happy birthday to her. Five is such a good age - out of the tantrum stage and still a baby. Love your purses and the money is really very picturesque. Best wishes for your daughter's employment. Hugs, xoxo