Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Summer Sunday

It's summer in Oregon and we have some hot weather to prove it. But that's a good thing since the berries and fruits grow better and are sweeter when there's sunshine.  Today was an outdoor church service with a potluck picnic afterwards. I made potato salad and a oatmeal chocolate chip cake for the picnic. We brought a bit home but that's ok. Most of it was eaten.  So thankful for trees to sit under. Phil and I were greeters today so we handed out bulletins and I helped with writing name tags. One little boy said his name was James Bond. I told him that he'd have to be uncover today, so no James Bond. So then he said his name was Bob. But his dad said he needed to have his real name. So he consented to Collin. Sigh! Great service, way too much delicious food, talking with a few people, praying for a lady's healing of her infected toes. Packing up and heading out...stop to pick up a few things since 3 coupons from a store were expiring today. Home. Rest. Clean up. Throw some sheets and a blanket in wash since Megan got back Sat. afternoon from camp. She was on staff at a Bible camp all week, I'd not seen her since Friday. Lots of laundry to do. (She did a couple loads.) Now it's just folding some things. There's more blankets to wash. One that my brother used when he was here over night last Friday. We (2) got up early and headed out before the sun came up last Sat. for a festival of fun and of course I took a lot of photos!  Will be sharing some soon.      This evening we were at a wedding of a young man we've known since he was a baby. I had some teary moments. Got some photos....guest photos of stuff that I hope they will enjoy. We were so hungry before the wedding, found a place to eat after we found the wedding venue.  They were able to get it done in time, delish sandwiches, M and I shared one. Walked over to the venue, just in the nik of time. (I don't like to do that.) It was a busy day. But a good day. Have a great week!

Photo is of my Welcome Planter with Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso Petunias on either side of a Under the Sea Electric Coral Coleus.  

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Camille said...

Wonderful times Becky. Such blessings. God is always so kind and good to us, isn't HE? Thank you for checking in on me this last month and for your sweet words of encouragement and prayers. They are a blessing to my heart. Love, Camille