Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Day in Nicaragua

Photos in this post are of Tuesday, April 30. I'm at New Song Mission, Chichigalpa. In the morning we toured the clinic that has a pharmacy, a waiting room, a dental and orthodontist and medical offices for sickness and other issues. X-rays  done as well. Specialists are scheduled when there is a need.

Hygenist doing a dental cleaning and there's some equipment...used and clean.

Linda talking about the clinic.  Receptionist  talking to a patient.

A display showing  photos of dental work that's been done at the office.

Tree outside the office and close to the church.

Afternoon, the group hopped into a borrowed vehicle to head to the hardware store for supplies. Linda is driving and Ticklish is along for the ride as well. She was in my camera bag all the time. (Sometimes I let her out...tee hee!) We stopped at the mission house that was donated to New Song mission a few years ago. It is nice and it presently houses a couple people. Soon there will be a few people that normally live at the mission will move here. It's a nice place. Only a portion of it was redone before house and property were donated.

There's a room off to the left that's used as a bedroom for now. It is supposed to be the dining room. 4 windows to the right. Kitchen that has a door that opens to the outside.

Addition of a room that will be a bedroom with a bathroom and another in the hallway through the door on the left.

Windows with no glass. I like all the iron work here..

Linda at the front door as we are leaving.

San Cristobal volcano on  our way to Chinandega. Sorry but the power lines were in the way. Shoot quick or lose the shot all together. Never did get a clear shot of this volcano the entire time I was here. Did see it clearly once, when I was on my way to Leon.    A nice house below,,,,there's a statue of a bird on this fence. Nothing uncommon there. This is one of the nicer houses. Notice the tile roof. Most of roofs are corrugated metal. I'm sure this house much cooler.

We stopped at this mission to check email and to drop off some medical supplies.  This mission was built before New Song Mission.    Coconut tree.

Our vehicle and nice trees. Refreshing indeed.  One of the bathrooms was open for use. I peeked into this room. It's a dorm for people who come and stay to work and other functions. Right now it's not in use.  One side for men, other side of building, one for women.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27 NIV

Sugar cane fields that fallow right now. I've seen some with pigs  and horses on the land and eating whatever's growing.

The hardware store we stopped at. Nice sized place.

Shopping in the plumbing aisle. I enjoyed all the tile pieces available in the home decor section. One of these tiles came home with me. In the carry on, of course. I've got it framed.

Small paint section, compared to where I work.

Very small fastener section.
Don is checking out with Linda as interpreter.

All the items were checked to make sure they were all there. I assume this is done for every purchase, but exactly sure. I showed him my one purchase. Juan helped carry out some of the items.

Don loading the pipe into the vehicle.

This was by was ok.
Back into Chichigalpa, I photographed some of the buildings of color. I liked this purple building. Notice the lions. 
Repair store for batteries and radiators. Notice the clothing and they sell Claro cell phones and minutes for them as well.

school buses were parked here when not in use.

A small filtration unit that Candace put together. She put together 10 of them...they were to be taken to families in the area.  Below the guys are putting a small swamp cooler together. It was a prototype of Don's. It worked ok but needed some improvements.

Sign outside the clinic. The clinic was a dream of Linda's since she's dental hygienist and wanted one here when they started the mission. So it's dental and medical clinic. The church is behind us, which was founded with Tommy and Linda's help.
Jovanni dancing. I enjoyed watching him dance. I have some of it on video that will come later.

Mango tree. If you look into the photo, you can see a white pipe up in tree. Candace is up there shaking/picking mangoes.  Derek has them now.

Evening time was water tower work. Earlier in the day the tank was cleaned out real well after it was emptied.  Then it was refilled. Sat for a few hours with chlorine to kill everything. Now it's being checked to see how low it's drained. Jerry is climbing up to check it out.  Don and Jerry, a bit later or maybe b4 he climbed, with old and new filters.

The well we didn't get to work on since the equipment was held up in customs. Don will be going later to do the job, in a few weeks. Thank goodness everything was released even though there was much money put in to fees for attorneys, import agent, etc.

Derek and Don by the tower. New pieces to put on pipe once all the water is empty.

Young men playing soccer. They do this every evening. They have a good time.

Sunset comes. Another day is done.    Some showers are taken then is off to Hollywood pizza in Chinidega that evening. It was delicious and the cool air felt so good.  We were able to use the internet as well. Just put in the code for their hot spot/wifi and check/send email. We didn't have internet access at the mission. But that's okay since there were other things to do. 

Only a few more days left. I have some more photos to post and hope you have enjoyed the trip. Ask me some questions about the trip and I will gladly answer them, at the best of my ability.  If you want to see any of these photos larger, click on the photo and they will enlarge.  Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all your comments.( If you are a reader, I'd love to hear from you if you've never left a comment. Follow email or clicking on follow this blog.) God bless.


Karen Frost said...

I really enjoyed this tour of your trip, Becky! I really like the countryside and all the colorful houses with the iron scrollwork. The volcano is amazing and I love Mangoes!
Sounds like your church is doing some wonderful things there.
Who would think there would be an Ace hardware store in Nicaragua? Or a Hollywood Pizza! It's a small world. xo

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures. I'm really enjoying hearing about your mission trip.

Mrs. V said...

What an awesome experience!

aimee said...

I was surprised too at the Ace Hardware + Hollywood Pizza:)
Loved the colors...

Linda said...

Great post, Becky, thank you for sharing. I absolutely love your header photo as well!