Monday, June 10, 2013

Defining Happiness

This morning I was going through mail and paper work that needed downsized....trashed or filed.  A paper that I'd written my to do list before trip to Nicaragua was in that pile.  I opened up the folded paper to see if there was anything else written on it. I found I'd written something from a magazine while waiting for a dentist's appointment.  It reads:  

"Redefine happiness:  By striving for 4 things in life: curiosity; hope of success in something you feel good about; being part of something beyond yourself; being connected with your loved ones and your community. True joy lies in this for adults and children."  written by Rosalind Wiseman.  (  Nov 2012 Family Circle magazine.

I wrote in a note after it -- "true joy lies in knowing and believing in God as well.  He is the real joy giver in my life".  I hope in your life as well. He is the reason I live and have purpose...beyond my family who supports me.   I am still curious about things and ask questions.  I continue to learn and push myself in my photography and have fun with it. I feel part of a team at work and in my church where we help their project/in their life.  I like seeing people feel good about themselves, be happy and lift them up when they are down.  Life isn't all about me and what I want. It's helping people along their life walk as well. Ensure they are finding some good in their life. We can redefine the world's sadness one person at a time. Give someone else a reason to hope for something better in their life. Show them Jesus through in life's actions. Give them Jesus.

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aimee said...

Good thoughts Becky!
PS: I haven't forgotten about calling you. A lot has changed in the last few weeks and two of my grandkids are here now...busy times:)