Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fruitful Times

 I visited my favorite farm fruit store on Friday. It was my next to last stop that day after a busy morning. I had a blood draw in the a.m. I stopped in at Subway for a bite to eat since I was fasting for the blood test. 

Then went to visit my mom in the nursing home.  I met up with her in the dining room, playing bingo with other residents. She won a single bingo and one black out. Sat with her at lunch and since it was such a nice afternoon, I took her for a spin outside in her wheelchair all the way around the building.

Mom is doing good, even though she'd like to move. The facility she lives in is the best that's close to me. She needed convinced it is the best choice for her. A few residents have left, some moving back home, some dying. So it's been hard on quite on some of the residents recently.     I grabbed some lunch for myself after leaving the nursing home, then made a few stops on the way home, which included the fruit store.

My cart contents includes 2 quarts of strawberries, salad dressing, 5 plants and tomatoes. Oh, I can't forget the marionberry scones. I had 3 coupons from the flier from Baumans that achieved  $7 in savings. I often forget my flier. I decided to use it all in one shopping trip.

This amazing planter was above my car. I really wanted to take it home with me but it wouldn't fit. It's basically up on a couple poles with braces, as you see on the left. Another support down further, horizontally.  I can dream, can't I?  Sigh! I just photographed it to remember it. It's amazing how there are so many  beautiful flowers and eye catching displays here. It's refreshing and relaxing just to be there. A step away from the hustle and bustle of life.
Fast forward to this evening when I'm walking with my husband around the neighborhood.. I took this photo on my phone of this lily. So pretty. I emailed it to myself..(.I did the same thing with the other two photos in this post). Sometimes I don't have another camera with me. Just want to share what's happening in this corner of my world this week.   I was gone Sat. and today in  Portland for a Video Boot Camp for Photographers. I learned quite a bit. I took photos this a.m. when we were out shooting a video. What a process and can't wait to share it with you. Including the video itself after Victor, our instructor, edits and finalizes it. He was a great teacher for being 30 years old! I had a good time.  Have a good week my friends.


aimee said...

Ah! Fruit and flowers--love both of them! I agree-that planter is very, very nice!
Change is harder it seems the older one gets. It is good that you are able to spend time with your mom as frequently as you do:)

Karen Frost said...

Sounds like a busy day for you, Becky! I know it must be hard on you to say goodbye to your Mom when you visit her and hard on her, too. Tough for her losing friends.
Your shopping trip looked nice with your flowers and fruit. That is quite a nice arbor and a very creative way of displaying the flowers. I love lilies and my very favorite flower is Tiger Lilies. They grew everywhere when I was a child in Massachusetts. But I don't see them here in Washington often. The one you photographed is a lovely color. Hope you have a good week, Becky! Hugs, xoxo