Thursday, June 20, 2013

Granddaughter's 5th Birthday

We celebrated Melody's birthday over a weekend in May before her actual birthday. It's always fun to celebrate birthdays or just eating together. Today marked a special occasion and had some fun!

Melody enjoying the big birthday cookie I made her. Design is with Easter M&Ms. I didn't make a cake but she enjoyed her cookie.  She said "it was the best cookie ever, Grandma." At that, her mom rolled her eyes and smiled! We all know grandma cookies are pretty good. I'd say so myself!  Ha!

My lunch. My daughter and I split a chicken club sandwich as it was so thick and half the fries as well. It was so good.

Melody and Owen enjoying the toys at the restaurant. 

Grandma and granddaughter together. She is holding the doll I brought her from Nicaragua.

Beautiful day outside. This is a weird sculpture on the wall we walked by going down street level. Better than elevator since it was so nice outdoors.  My daughter said she's coming back another time to get more photos of this as a funny crime scene photo. There were heads on a wall to the left which is odd as well. Whatever!

Mama duck and duckling.

Grandpa and granddaughter.

Owen was strapped in the stroller to keep him from running off or going into the water. Daddy is running him through the fountains of water. He had fun.  He has some eczema on his face and skin issues so he needed a bit of "quarantine" so he doesn't get worse. (they did figure out some of his triggers for that, thankfully). 

Melody and I check out this metal lady sculpture.  She looks so little! She is! So sweet!  It was a fun time. We went our separate ways. Always a bit sad but I know we'll be together again soon.

A few days later, I couldn't stand not having any cake. (we didn't eat any of the cupcakes at the restaurant.) So I made a chocolate sheet cake then cut up some strawberries and added whip we 3 ate cake at home! Oh is so delicious! Fresh, local strawberries are the best!  My husband was impressed with the presentation! I guess I watch enough Food Network to learn a few things! 

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aimee said...

That photo of your hubby with his granddaughter is oh SO sweet!!! Looks like everyone had a great time--as they should on such an awesome occasion!! Happy (belated) to your dear granddaughter:)
PS: Melody is about the same age as my youngest granddaughter. They are so fun at that age!