Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Not To.......

 what not to wear!  Do you ever wear something that you didn't even know you were wearing that didn't go together? Like these two earrings! I went to an event in town on a Sat. afternoon. City showcase. I was helping at a booth til the rain dampened the spirits and people left, things were getting wet. So I helped load up a few things from Relay for life in a vehicle. Then wandered over to the city water department tent, visited the waste water vehicle where I got to see how the sewer camera worked. Amazing!  Got to see through the sewer and things not right, where buckling happened, where things are causing problems, like too much grease into a line that clogs it! Not good.  Anyway, I got home and when I was looking in the mirror, I noticed something amiss. What? Two different earrings? Sigh, they are hanging right next to each other. Grandma obviously wasn't paying attention!  And it's not the first time! LOL! Off they came since I was home, warmer and a bit drier. 

later that same day, I was cooking in the kitchen. Here's what not to drink!  LOL. I'd put the tea bag (after I used it) into a can I'd put grease in from hamburger I was cooking. I showed my daughter and she laughed! What not to drink!

Then because we were already silly, she opened the cupboard next to the stove and said.  what not to eat! since we have so many cans of tuna. They were on sale so I'd call it what you should buy on sale when you can! I think I wound up buying a total of 10 cans since they were 69 cents a can. Now they are 89 cents or higher. (Remember when the cans of Starkist or Bumble Bee tuna was 6.5 oz and 29 cents a can, now they are 5 oz.)  just saying it wasn't that long ago! What's something funny/weird that has happened to you lately? I'd like to hear it. Keep it clean! :0) Thanks!


Kathy said...

The time that stands out for me was when I worked for a law firm. I was always dressed really well for my front desk job. One morning I looked down at my feet and I had one brown shoe and one black shoe on. I was so embarrassed. At lunch time I walked four blocks to a shoe store, bought a new pair of shoes, put the old ones in the box and wore the new ones for the rest of the day. That's one way to get a new pair of shoes! LOL.

Karen Frost said...

HI Becky! You gave me a good laugh on this dreary morning! Once I wore two different colored shoes to a PTA event. I had bought the same pair in black and navy blue....... nobody noticed. That was when I was young, too, so age was no excuse. Too funny about the tuna - right now I have so many cans of diced tomatoes, they are seriously causing problems in the pantry. Hey, we get through life the best we can, right? Save a little, dress up a little, have a little tea.......Ha ha ha ha! Good thing you didn't take a sip! Hugs xoxo