Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Appreciate the Freedom on 4th of July

Photo taken at Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville, OR (Oct 2011)......High above the airplane displays, that once graced the skies when war was at hand and peace time. May our freedoms still reign in our country, for our children and grandchildren and for future generations.  Our freedom to teach our children that God is sovereign now and forever more, freedom to love our neighbors, not be fearful of going to church, school, shopping malls, favorite places we want to travel to, our clean water, good food sources in our country....many things. Name a few for me that you cherish. Have a great day tomorrow and beyond!

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aimee said...

1)The right to worship God freely and in peace.
2)The right to not be coerced into doing things that our religious beliefs and/or conscience compel us not to be part of.
3)The right to share our beliefs in a peaceful, respectful manner (free speech).
4)The right of our children and grandchildren to not be indoctrinated or coerced in our public schools by those who have a non-Biblical world view.
To sum it all up...the God-given right to live as our Founding Fathers originally intended us to live:)

Have an awesome 4th of July!
God bless you + the USA,