Thursday, July 11, 2013

Discovering more of Nicaragua

Mid morning on May 1, our group went into the country area. La Isla, a built up area now. All houses, no stores.  This fence is around Lisa's property (shown below with me, Becky). She is waiting for her non profit status to be able to build a house here. She wants to help children who struggle in life and need hope in a caring foster home.

We drive through the open roads, seeing someone has wet the road down to keep the dust down. It also gets swept. People don't mow lawns here, they sweep it as well. There's no grass.

Houses we pass by. Not sure if this is permanent or maybe a temporary hold for a brick and mortar walls, followed by adobe. Or it may just stay this way. You do what you can to survive there.

A new bicycle/walking bridge finally built high enough to use in the rainy season.

This little piggy is not going to the market.

Sugar cane field.

The river we crossed over via a little bridge into La Isla.

Candace, Jerry and Don checking on the well. It's the hot and dry season so there's not alot of water in the well.

Checking the water to see how clear/clean it is. There's particles in there that's not good. Better than most though.

A place to do laundry,  If you look at the right side of the sink, it's like a little wash board and it's cement. It's all in one piece. The sink in the middle is where you get the water to work in soap into the clothes, then you rinse with it.  Water run from a hose and notice there's a bucket that has water in it from the sink...oh dear.  Building to the far left is an outhouse. It was a nice outhouse (?) with actual toilet paper. How do I know? Because I asked permission to use it. Come on, it was in the a.m.! That's how my body functions. (I'd never make a good pilot!)

A plantain tree! The red part is a blossom.
A peek inside a house where we visited. Nice people.

Saul, standing, is talking to us about health issues, primarily kidney failure, that is prevalent in this area. Some can be caused by water, many of the people in this area work in the cane fields. Many variables I learned about that I didn't even know existed.

A family home we stopped at to talk with a daughter and dad had some work going on. They were adding a kitchen onto their house. The one they had was full of two different stoves, one wood, another a couple burners. Maybe they are going to make their house larger for living space.  Below, the dad is working with sand to mix with the mortar for the brick wall he and his friend were making.

Linda praying for Kassie, for healing of her kidneys. She's not a water drinker.
A rooster!

Tiles for a roof.

A momma pig and her piglets!

One way to dry the laundry!

A horse and her new foal. It seems like all the animals in this area are skinny. Not much grass to eat right now.

Back at the mission, I was taking photos of people who work at the mission. Two ladies on the left work in the kitchen, other lady is the house keeper. They all do great work. We had 3 meals a day. Our dinner was cooked and refrigerated and then we just heated it up. It worked.  

Leaving for home on her bicycle after working. It's almost an hour ride one way. She's here everyday. Rain or shine.

Oven that was being worked on while I was there. It's for the new classes for bread baking at the mission. As of this writing, the oven is up and running with classes.  People learn to make bread and later on be able to bake and sell their own bread in the homes or work elsewhere. A place to learn a trade besides learning about the Lord.

Looking inside the oven.

My friend, J, who works at the mission. We talked almost every day and learned a few things in each others language. He was fun and dear Christian brother.

A view from the mission's church and Santo Cristo volcano. The best view I think I got all trip!

My new friend, Michele, took a photo of my on her Iphone. She said I needed a photo of this, so I'm showing you I can wash clothes Nicaraguan style. Mind you, it's not that fun but beats washing in a sink that had no plug! It worked, and the clothes were dry in a few hours, thanks to the heat and a bit of breeze. Michele washed some things out prior to me doing this. So I got a bit of a lesson, since she had been in Guatemala before coming here.  I needed just a few things washed before my trip back stateside!

In the evening, since there wasn't anything better to do, Don and I went to the church building and attended the youth meeting. Here we have music led by Brandon and two of the youth singing with him. Saul teaches in photo below.

Youth group and Diego, left in black shirt,  running the computer for the scripture on the screen. I was greeted by a couple girls afterwards. One I'd talked to in the afternoon. She wound up giving me a head/neck massage. It felt so good. She just loved my soft, highlighted hair.

These paintings were in the mission building where we stayed. This is in the hall/meeting room.  Purified, united, and libertated, through Christ.   How? By His death on the cross and because we believe in him, we are therefore purified, united in Him and with other believers and liberated or free, from our sins. A mission for all of us to accept, no matter where we are, spread the word of God and His love, wherever we are!

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