Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lovely Foxglove

This spring I added a foxglove plant to my collection of outdoor plants on patio. I'd seen them in the wild. Was happy to be going through a farmer's market on our walk after our granddaughter's birthday get together this year. I decided to buy one for $7.00. I had a few color choices to pick from and this one was my favorite. Cream with maroon spots on the inside. It's called Camelot Cream.

This is a photo of foxglove with it's unopened flowers on the top of the plant. It was so tall. I was afraid it would break in the back seat of the car. Too tall for the trunk. But it did well.

This is the foxglove with many blooms on it 15 days later. Amazing! But now there's hardly any blooms on it. Sad that it lasted for a short time. I did find out that it can grow another year and maybe more if I let it reseed itself.  Next year I'll have it from the beginning of the growing season so I can enjoy it longer!  Have you bought a favorite flower for your house that you've always wanted? Do you plant yours in the ground or put in a larger pot, like I do? Right now we are battling our blackberry vines and will be spraying them soon so I didn't plant any new plants in that area. Happy rest of the summer! 


aimee said...

Hi Becky!
Beautiful foxglove--I am always drawn to white/cream/ivory plants and love this cream colored one!
Ah yes---the joys and pain of the invasive PNW blackberry. Good luck:)

Karen Frost said...

I love foxglove and this one is a beauty. We usually have some growing in the yard, but this year I have none so I need to collect some seed. They are biennial, so it takes two years to bloom from seed. Hope your pretty one multiplies for you! xo