Thursday, August 8, 2013

Evening of Spiders

Monday evening I was outside. Just came back from my walk with husband. My daughter said that she'd just watered the plants and there were some spiders out. Maybe I should take some photos. What a novel idea!  The butterfly solar light wound up having two spiders on it. This was a hard shot to take. These  were the best to show you.   I really like these yellow flowers. I got them free at Relay for Life and just have been enjoying them. I am sure they are a sunflower of some type but not quite sure what they are called. (Remember you can click on the photo and it will enlarge so it will show up better.)

Our weather has been HOT this week. Nearly 100 on Tuesday. No rain for awhile. My lovely foxglove has shriveled even though we've watered it. It should have been in the shade on those hot days. Yesterday and today were cooler, and weekend is gonna be cooler. Great for being outdoors for the BBQ cook off. 
Other news this week.....I started cutting back on my food intake a wee bit and walking faster on our evening walks. I need to lose 8 lbs by end of Sept.  Why?  I am having a hard time finding clothes, on the rack in stores, that will fit me. I've tried on clothes in the past few weeks and it's not been fun. In my size. Some things fit like they are made for very small XL! It will be better for my health as well.   My daughter's car has been in the shop and last night I had to go get her since the loaner car wouldn't work. They had to go get it this a.m. Dead battery. So now I'm off to get her from work tonight. Her car will be ready tomorrow. Oh for the love of cars. They are great when they work, not so great when they don't work and you spend many dollars for repairs.  Cheaper than a new car.  But thankful for the car as well.   
Have a great weekend, my friends. Back with you soon!


Karen Frost said...

I was just thinking about how this time of year the spiders are everywhere! They weave webs in the trees and I always walk face first into them. Ever hear a cross between a shriek and a scream? ha ha! Love the photos - I have flowers just like that. Don't know what they are either. Glad it is cooling off and hoping for some rain. Hugs, xo

Tamara said...

This is a case of Arachno-"photia".
Great candid shots of Spiders living their lives.
Isn't it great to know that Spiders also want to make sure thier homes have curb appeal. What a great view to have from your home :) Love it!