Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last Full Day in Nicaragua

Thursday morning arrived hot and humid. I'm with Jovanny, my interpreter. We are going out into Candelaria for a couple house visits. We were able to converse in English since he knows it quite well. I was a bit apprehensive about this house visit journey. But since Linda felt I had the knack of talking to people and so friendly, I'd be good at this. The mission is out there, not at the mission house primarily. I prayed about it the night before. God brought to mind what I'd told people, even you readers an earlier post prior to my trip. I was waiting for God to show us what to do. Well, here I am, send me! It was good.

One visit with this dear lady. Long story but we touched each others'  lives and hearts. I am still praying for her heart and life at this point. No details, but it was a good thing to be there. God stretched me and I grew! I pray she did as well.

Going down the street to next house, we encountered men chopping back or down (not sure) a tree. With machetes. They stopped when they saw us coming so nothing would hit us. Thank you!

Afternoon, after lunch, our group headed into town in the truck. Stopped for gas. Amount for gas is about what we were paying here, $4.10. This is in cordoba.

Inside the hardware store we visited. The man on the far right was our driver for the day. (I asked permission before taking photos.)

As  you can see, it's more than a hardware store. You have to know where it is. There is no sign, that I can remember seeing. Don came to buy buckets and rope.

Need a ride somewhere!? Top taxi is motorized, the bottom is pedal/foot power. I saw women doing this a few places. Oh what strong legs these people must have!

Back at the mission, looking toward the volcano that's behind the clinic, clouds have covered it. Imminent rain. But not til night when we were in bed. Thunder and lightning. It smelled so fresh in the a.m.

Diego (on the ground), Derek, Brandon and Don talk about a water issue.  Water tower behind is for the houses that are close to the mission.

Candace and Jerry working on the "swamp" cooler. Prototypes never seem to work right the first time.

While we were out in town, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some items to take home with us. My cache was cookies to bring home to eat and share. Kleenex, because there weren't any at the mission. I knew I'd need some on my trip home. One more thing to add to my camera bag that held a lot of stuff! It's amazing how much I could put in there and still find everything.We kept the top two cookies and gave the rest away. They were made either in Costa Rica or Guatamala.

Carol doing some studying in the corner of the hallway. Busy place but she made it work. Sweet lady that I got to know. She gave me some ideas of what I could do if/when I decide to come back.

A "spider" that Candace had on the shelf during our visit. I guess it was her pet spider she couldn't live without and brought it with her. No different that bringing a stuffed bear with you, huh?!

Notice the big hunks of ice on top of fan? Swamp coolers needs moisture. Even though it didn't work well, as least there was another fan for someone to use at the mission after we left.  I gave Michele a few things so I wouldn't have to pack them home. They were items I could easily leave behind and share with someone who had been traveling from another country down to Nica. Doing what God showed her to do.

Our last sunset in Nica.

One more hug from a Nica teen that comes to youth group.

Leaves from a plant that are dried then ground into medicine for the clinic.

Beautiful flowers I was photographing in front of the mission church. While doing this, the young man who'd let me use his phone last Sat. came by. He held out the phone to me. What? Who?  It was Pedro, from Leon, who called me. He'd been away when I was there visiting on Sat-Mon. He wanted to know if I was still there with the group? Yes. Then he and Maria and girls would come down and see me! I was so happy! It meant a lot to me. I'd been a little disappointed in not seeing him earlier. My heart was leaping with happiness!

Here we are. It was good to see them. Their oldest daughter stayed home to study for a test she had to take the next day.

After dinner, Don was trying to fit little Laura into a suitcase to come home with us. Nope, she didn't fit! LOL!

Ice cream, made in Costa Rica, to celebrate Derek's birthday! It was pretty good, but it was a bit shy on the cookie part. Nice and creamy though!

Happy Birthday, Derek!

A married couple that came in that day from Costa Rica on a bus. They were here for mission work as we were leaving. That's how it works. A revolving door of people in and out of New Song Mission. A great place to be.

Group shot of us. Jerry, Don, Derek, Michele, Lisa, Brandon, Cadence, Candace, Becky and Diego. Michele just arrived the day before.  It was a blessed time, even though there were trials along the way. Memories for sure and new friends made. Deepening of appreciation of what we have here in America. Deepening of my walk with the Lord.  One more post to come of my trip. I hope you have enjoyed the posts as well as I've enjoyed reliving my journey.

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aimee said...

What a beautiful family! Great trip of many memories--so happy that you were able to bring blessings in God's name to the people there!

Laury said...

That is awesome! Looks like you have a really good trip:)

Karen Frost said...

You are very brave to travel so far in the name of the Lord, but he gives you courage, I am sure. Looks like you worked with and met many wonderful and interesting people. The flowers are beautiful. xo