Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Weekend Fun

Last Saturday grandpa and I watched our adorable grandchildren. Here are photos I took on my Samsung tablet of them eating macaroni I made for their dinner.  Of course you must play with your food after your sister does the same thing!

Sweet granddaughter

Grandma and granddaughter.  I learned alot from taking photos on the tablet. This photo is a bit garbled but I realized camera was too close. Live and learn. Then I had to figure out how to get them from my tablet and into a system to edit and share on my blog. I messed around with buttons and found out I could send to Picasa. Then I couldn't figure out how to view them on my computer. Picasa wanted me to upload their latest thing. But it wouldn't load on my computer, since I have Win 7. Sigh! Went to email my son sent me that had photos of tulip field this spring. Those were on Picasa so then I was able to search for my photos and wa la!!! There they were! Seek and ye shall find! Score!

Here's a sweet photo of my sweet mama, grandma to my children, great grandma to my grandchildren. She lives in a nursing home. She is doing well for almost 90 years of age. Health still pretty good, still suffering from dementia. I took my tablet with me on last Sunday afternoon when I visited her. I showed her some photos of grandchildren that I took. Then I took some photos of her.

Mom had a pretty blanket with butterflies on her bed. I laid this cover for my tablet that April (from Marine Parents) made me. Just thought it was a good photo op. I know, I find any excuse to take a photo, huh? I think the colors go well together!  This weekend has been busy, actually starting with Friday when I had to visit the dentist then did some errands. Did shopping that scored a few things we needed and saved a bundle of money due to sales and using my AAA card saving another $16.50!  What I couldn't find, I found yesterday at another Columbia outlet store. Omni Shade shirts that keep UV rays from damaging skin. 3 shirts totally $93 is priceless when you think of no skin cancer to deal with!  Today I'm enjoying staying home in the afternoon after a good morning at church. Always a blessing to be there! A great way to start the week!  Have a good week, my friends and enjoy the remaining beautiful days of summer with some coolness mixed in and fun flowers! Yes, stop and smell the roses that are still blooming!


Karen Frost said...

Beautiful grandchildren, Becky and such a sweet photo of your Dear Mum. My kids loved macaroni and cheese and my 31 year old 'baby' still makes it for himself. He called me last night and was eating some! Love these warm summer days. Enjoy your week! Hugs xoxo

aimee said...

Little cuties! I know how fun it is to spend time with our grandkiddos!
So good to be able to spend time with your mom--I miss mine so very much.
Love your new header--cute!