Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oceanside Vacation

Phil and I returned this evening from our trip to the southern Oregon coast. We had a great time.  Weather was great. Our first stop on the coast was Florence. This is a fun sign.

Bridge over the Siuslaw River in Florence.

Umpqua River Lighthouse, south of Winchester Bay.  Some years ago I took a photo of this lighthouse and created a double exposure of it. Those were the days of film. I wanted to get an updated shot of this lighthouseAs you can tell, it's cloudy late afternoon.  While I was doing photo work on this trip, Phil had fun with his binoculars. Sure can see far with them. I looked in them last night when we were viewing the sea lions on Simpson's reef......Cape Arago area.  I could see them much better than through my Tamron 210 mm zoom lens I use on my Canon Rebel T3. But I think I got some good shots. It was a vacation from work but I worked on my photography as well. I enjoy the  opportunity to do it. So thankful for my husband who tolerates me taking photos. I actually got a bit tired photographing today. We had a 3 mile walk in the woods yesterday and not enough sleep. I'm so tired, I'm starting to pixelate so I'd better go to bed soon!  Have a great weekend!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOL, I love that, "I'm starting to pixelate". I know the feeling :) Great shot of the bridge!

aimee said...

LOL--I will have to remember to get enough sleep so that I won't pixelate:):)
I love the old bridges you find on the coast. Some of them scare me to death (hate heights), but I love to take photos of them.
Looking forward to seeing more--when you recover that is.