Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday night out in Town

 This evening after work I picked up my laptop from home and went over to Denny's for dinner and a photo work night for myself. Original plans  for Bible study and quiet at home changed. Husband to be role playing games with some friends. Daughter babysitting niece and nephew.  I settled in a booth. Ordered my meal. I was hungry!

So I ordered fish fillets and sauteed zucchini and yellow squash and baked potato instead of french fries. Came with garlic bread as well.  It was delicious.. Drank hot tea. They didn't care if I used my own tea since they don't have the flavors I like in decaf.  I worked away at choosing photos for a photo book I need to finish by Friday. 
Time was coming close to 9 p.m. so I decided to see what the dessert menu offered since it "snack time". Oh my, hot brownie with fudge (I didn't get the fudge because some of that keeps me awake at night) and vanilla ice cream. Delicious! It was warmer than expected so I burned my mouth a bit on the first bite.  I finished selecting almost all my photos and got them into a folder. It's easier to find them that way when I start working on my book through Shutterfly. I used a Groupon to purchase a customizable book for $17.  I'd intended to use the book for my Nicaragua trip but time got away from me. So I chose a simpler path with less photos from a trip we took last spring! I decided it was time to go home since lap top battery power was low at 20%. Guess that's a good enough excuse!  Next time I do this, I'll ask for a table that's by an outlet! (Nobody showed up for the game so Phil had a quiet evening. Hopefully next time someone will show or at least call! Sigh!)  That's how I spent my evening. How was yours?


aimee said...

Your dinner sounds yummy! We had fish and corn on the cob for our dinner last night...mmm fish:)
I will have to check out Shutterfly...it would be nice to make a book of some of my photos.
Have a blessed Wednesday Becky!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I enjoy the occasional dining experience by myself. It's something that I really love to do.
Have a wonderful week.