Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heading Home from Nicaragua

Early morning on Friday, May 3, our team got into a taxi van. Our luggage was readied prior to a few hours of sleep. Slept lightly, quickly woke. Clean clothes ready. Night shirt/undies into my carry on, in a plastic bag, of course. Freshened up a bit, no contacts or make up. That's for later, which never came. I've shared the story how the taxi van we were travelling in o'dark-thirty in the a.m. got stopped by policia de Nicaragua,  then later lost it's front right tire. (repeated lost tire photo...hope you can bear it one last time.) What a morning it was. Thankful for God's provision of safety and sleep and morning light finally arriving!

A sight for sore, tired eyes...our ride home to the states, the first leg of the trip home.  In the background you can see a volcano. When we landed in Atlanta, I felt like hugging the pilot. Granted it was a stressful morning. But God pulled us through the incidents. We were the Nerves of Steel Team, after all!

Managua airport. So different that what I'm used to in airports in the US. Flying in at night, the lights were so dim compared to PDX.

Smaller planes on tarmac. Yellow bi-plane. Most likely used for crop dusting.
Fire department. (Departamento de bomberos)

View from my window in the plane. (No I didn't open the window to get these either....LOL!)

Notice 2 volcanoes and a lake, possible Lake Managua. I did a bit of fixing of these 3 air shots. Air quality wasn't the best when we were flying out.

Homeward bound over the Pacific Ocean.
Ticklish helping me to fill out one form for customs to enter USA.

I took this photo close to terminal I was going to. I'd seen it when I arrived the week before. My daughter enjoys Coca Cola a lot. Quite an interesting display. There were some interesting historical displays throughout this airport in Atlanta. It's a huge place and I'd probably get lost if I didn't have Don to help me when I came.
Our team enjoying one more meal together after landing, making our way through the maze of customs, picking up our luggage that made it to the airplane.  At last check point in customs, I gave the man my paper work, he looked at it, at me, then said "Git!" What kind of a greeting is that?  We did find that the Atlanta people know how to show great hospitality in that airport, though, *beyond that incident*. A great wait staff at TGIFridays where we ate our meal then headed for different airline terminals to take us home. A couple of us were on the same plane, different seating. It was good to be headed home.

I'm nearly home. Mt. Hood's blanket of snow greeted me, and the other passengers on our fly-by before arriving at PDX. I talked to the British business man that was seated next to me about the mountain. He'd not seen it before since it was his first trip to Oregon.  I was so happy to see my husband that was waiting for me. Home Sweet Home, soon, after we had some dinner.  A trip to remember. I will always cherish this trip I made to Nicaragua. It was a time of growth in my faith, making new friends and sharing God's love with people who need encouragement. I was blessed in return by hugs and warm welcomes.  My husband and I are also half supporting Jovanny, my interpreter, through university in Nicaragua. A young man who loves the Lord and teaches dance. Teaches English classes in two local villages.  I've also been talking with Linda at New Song mission about their need for a better vehicle. A 15 passenger van, better than the truck I've shown you in recent posts. It is now on their donation page. I am adding that onto my blog's sidebar soon. Watch for it and help any way you can would be great. I will be donating soon. Join me. Thanks for following my journey to Nicaragua.   Related posts of Nicaragua:  Last Full Day in Nicaragua    There are links to previous posts of Nica as well, included Nerves of Steel team and full policia de Nicaragua and tire incident story.


Karen Frost said...

Goodness, Becky, what a trip! You seemed to have experienced it all, the good and the bad. The journey to the airport sounds very nerve wracking. You and your team are very brave to make that journey and to help the people of Nicaragua. I love the photos from the air of the volcanoes, including Mt. Hood. You are very adventurous and I'm sure it was the trip of a lifetime! Glad you are home safe! xoxo

Camille said...

I'm sure you were very glad to reach American soil Becky! What an adventure. What a blessing to know that the Lord's hand is upon us wherever we are! I particularly like the photo of Mount Hood. Don't you think mountains display the majesty of our Great God? Blessings to you! Camille